Just my luck

Abi is just a normal girl until one day everything changes...


1. Stupid computer

 Abi's POV

Hi, my name is Abi. Some people say it's strange but I don't like it to be spelt Abby. Anyway this story starts when I just came home from school one day...

I rushed inside, opened my laptop and turned it on. I went to get tickets for One Directions next concert in Melbourne. They weren't avalible to buy yet. I waited there, sitting on my bed, staring at the numbers on the screen intensely. "Tickets avalible in: 4, 3, 2," the screen read. As soon as the little button lit up I clicked furiously on it. The loading symbol came up and in about ten seconds a little message came up saying "Tickets are sold out"! "STUPID COMPUTER" I screamed and slammed the lid closed, causing the screen to shatter. I buried my head in my soft pillow and cried for about an hour and a half.

I finally gathered all my strength and went to my BFF, Natasha (Tash) 's, house. When I got there Claudia, Paige, and Ingrid were there as well. I went into Tash's room and I saw Paige sitting on the bed with the biggest grin plastered on her face. The other girls were on either side trying to calm her down. "What's up?" I asked. "Well we're here cause we couldn't get a ticket to One Directions concert! Did ya get any luck?" Said Ingrid. I frowned and shook my head we all sighed except for Paige. "Well what's up with her?" I pointed.

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