I Don't Know if it is True Love: Loveable

The third book to I Don't Know if it is True Love


4. Truth or Dare

                Harry, and Louis were sitting on the couch when I walked in through the door with my sisters. We were laughing at Alaxzandria because she said the most randomest thing in the world to some stranger! We just finished shopping together and we got some realy cute things. Our sense of style is so different from each others. Mine is super edgy anything that doesn't match I'll wear and add vests. Dexterr love skirts and dresses she'll have a skirt and a shirt or a dress and make that outfit edgy. So lets just say creative. Alaxzandria is just anything with sparkles. And Millaince is so simple. Jeans, a shirt with designs, boots, and leather jackets. ANYWAYS, we sat down and started talking with the boys.

"Truth or Dare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets play truth or dare!" Louis screamed. All of the other boys came running in and sat down.

"Me first!!!!!" Liam screamed

"Okay Millaince truth or dare?"

"Um, dare."

"I dare you to jump in the lake." Millaince's mouth dropped open.

"It is freakin winter! I'll only jump in if someone jumps in with me." Everyone turned their heads toward Dexterr.

"Why are you looking at me?"

"Your her twin Dexterr." I said. Dexterr and Millaince are non-identical twins.

"So? Why can't Niranda do it?" That's when everyone looked at me.

"Fine! I'll do it." I yelled Millaince and I got up grabbed hands and ran outside and jumped in. But did I mention I can't swim? That's why when we were about to jump in I let go of Millaince's hand and started laughing. Millaince came back up and looked at me laughing. Everyone else came running outside. Liam jumped in and grabbed Millaince. We all ran inside.

"Why didn't you jump in?" Louis laughed

"I don't know how swim!" I laughed. Everyone else started laughing with me.

"Okay back to the game. Dexterr truth or dare?"

"Um truth."

"No Dexterr. You always pick truth!"

"So. I don't want some dare that I don't know what it'll be!"

"Okay then Dexterr. Out of everyone in this room, who would you kiss?"

"Okay dare."

"I dare you to answer that question."

"Duh, Niall!" I looked at Niall and saw him blushing. Niall got up and left the room. I got up and went after him.

"Niall what's wrong I thought you like Dexterr."

"I do but don't you think it's kinda awkward that we just met and she already wants to kiss me?"

"It's not that awkward. She likes you why don't you ask her out on a date or something?"

"I'll try."

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