I Don't Know if it is True Love: Loveable

The third book to I Don't Know if it is True Love


8. Questions

Dexterr's P.O.V.



  I woke up the next morning in Niall's arms, and I smiled up at him. I got up gently because I didn't want him to wake up. I went into the kitchen and all the others were up making breakfast.

"Hey guys." I said

"So how was your date?" Louis smiled

"It was good."

"What did you guys do?" Zayn asked

"Did you kiss?" Liam said joking around. I looked at him and saw he had his arm around Millaince, and I just smiled at millaince. She noticed and smiled back nervously.

"Yes he did kiss me."

"Oooooooh we have some lovebirds!" Louis screamed

"What about Millaince and Liam?" Everyone looked at them and just oooed and made kissy sounds and then they blushed.

"And it looks like Zayn and Alaxzandria are paired up too." Louis said. Everyone turned their heads toward them, and then looked around the kitchen.

"Where is Niranda and Harry? They were just here a minute ago." Liam said

That is when we searched the house they weren't there. The cars were all still here. Maybe they just went on a walk... Hopefully.


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