I Don't Know if it is True Love: Loveable

The third book to I Don't Know if it is True Love


1. Morning

                I woke up in the movie room with Harry's arm around me and my head on his chest. His shirt was off and we were laying on the couch. I smiled and he soon woke up. He saw me smiling and smiled back.

"Good Morning love."

"Good Morning."

He grabbed my hand and pulled me off the couch and took me to my room. I put in the passcode and walked in. Harry went up the stairs that lead to my bed.

"Nice bead spread."

"Thanks." it was the brittish flag. He laid on my bed and patted the bed for me to come and lay next to him so I did. He grabbed my waist and I put my arms around his neck. He leaned in and kissed me. His tounge entered my mouth and I did the same. He released me but I pulled him back. When we kissed last night I realized what had happened. I was in love, with Harry Styles. Not Harry Styles from One Direction, but the Harry Styles, I fell in love with him. His personality, his everything! His hair, eyes, smile, everything, even his abs! I don't know how but it feels like whenever I see him or whenever we kiss it feels like we were meant for each other.

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