Knife of Death

Darcy's mum have just died. She is upset and can't concentrace at school and others starts to bully her just because she stopped being the cheerful, bubbly girl the students of Lodgewood High used to know. Her dad have just started to abuse her because he craves some sexual attention. Darcy failed all her exams and she got a D on every GCSE test she did. Darcy cuts herself and she is anorexic. Her life is turned upside down. Darcy have tried to kill herself on many occasions but she failed on all of the occasions. She is waiting for this one person to know that she exists. She really wants some attention from one person, boy or girl, she doesn't care. She's too scared to tell anybody. She's terrified and she thinks that she was born to die, not to success. She lives in fear every day. Will she keep surviving or will somebody come along and make Darcy believe that her life is worth living?


3. What Have I Done?

I sit up, crying. Was I only dreaming about Kelvin or was he actually still alive? I heard somebody come in my room, "Darcy?" a deep, Yorkshire voice said. It was Kelvin's voice. I look up, and there he was, alive and fine. "Are you okay?" Kelvin asked, sitting down on the chair next to my hospital bed. "I have reported Dad to the police. Why are you crying?" Kelvin asked several questions. "Somebody told me that you was dead." I sob, looking at Kelvin. "What?! Why would I be dead?!" Kelvin says, surprised. "Well, she said that you had run away, I knew that, after Mum's funeral and you got ran over by a car while you was drunk," I cried. "No! I wouldn't want to die, and you know that I don't drink!" he protests. I wipe away my tears, "Well, I know that but you could have been angry and upset and you turned to drinking to forget your problems," I say, "You saw me, you talked to me. Why would you believe that stupid woman?" Kelvin says, frowning. "Well, I might have imagined you." I sob. Kelvin had never seemed so angry with me. Kelvin shouted at me, "Don't cry! I'm here! Don't you dare believe that stupid b**ch!" I wipe my tears away again, my hands shaking. "Stop shaking! I won't hurt you!" Kelvin shouted again. I cried, then he took my hand and he pulled me in for a hug, "I love you sis, don't cry. I'm here for you," he comforted me. I carried on crying, Kelvin was so terrifying when he was angry, even more scary than Dad when Dad was angry with me. I just cried and cried. Kelvin hugged me till I cried myself to sleep.

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