Knife of Death

Darcy's mum have just died. She is upset and can't concentrace at school and others starts to bully her just because she stopped being the cheerful, bubbly girl the students of Lodgewood High used to know. Her dad have just started to abuse her because he craves some sexual attention. Darcy failed all her exams and she got a D on every GCSE test she did. Darcy cuts herself and she is anorexic. Her life is turned upside down. Darcy have tried to kill herself on many occasions but she failed on all of the occasions. She is waiting for this one person to know that she exists. She really wants some attention from one person, boy or girl, she doesn't care. She's too scared to tell anybody. She's terrified and she thinks that she was born to die, not to success. She lives in fear every day. Will she keep surviving or will somebody come along and make Darcy believe that her life is worth living?


1. I Hate My Life

I was lying in bed, trying to sleep. I kept having bad dreams, flashbacks of Mum's funeral. I kept remembering the dress I wore, and I remember my older brother, Kelvin, crying. I remember my aunt Amy hugging me, crying. I didn't cry. I couldn't see Dad in my dreams. He wasn't at Mum's funeral. When I woke up, gasping from my last flashback, I heard some footsteps outside of my bedroom. I clutched my bed covers. It was Dad. My 18 year old brother Kelvin had ran off after Mum's funeral, and I didn't see him ever since. Only Dad and I lived in this old, damp flat. The door handle creaked and the door opened. My eyes widen in terror. A tall shadow loomed over me, and my dad stripped my covers off. I tried to scream for help, but no sound came out. I tried to push him off, but my dad raped me anyway. This happened every night, and I hate every second of it. I had nobody to help me. After raping me once again, Dad went out of my room, taking my bed cover with him to wash it. I usually cried myself to sleep, so I just cried and cried, then I finally fell asleep.



My alarm clock went off. Time for school. I groan and I get up, groggily. I get changed out of my pyjamas and into my school uniform. I tied up my tie and I crept downstairs, not wanting to wake up Dad. If Dad was awake in the mornings, he would just rape me again. I took a slice of toast, and a sharp knife. I slipped the knife into my navy blue blazer's pocket and I unlocked the front door, and I went outside. The cold icy breeze hit my face and I breathed in the fresh scent of the flowers. I closed the door and I walked to my hideout at the local park, up in a tree. I climbed up higher, and higher, and higher. When I got to the highest point of the tree, I took out the knife and I pulled up my blazer sleeve, exposing my left scarred wrist. I cut myself, over and over again. I hated my life. I wanted to die. I wanted Kelvin back, and most of all, I wanted Mum back. After ten minutes of cutting, I climbed down and I went to school, only to get tripped up by the other girls and to hear the boys laughing at me was horrible. The worst sound of the school is the boys and girls calling me fat. I was anorexic myself, but I don't really like to talk about it. I'm bulimic as well, I throw up after meals. I could only eat apples and bread, nothing else stays in my tummy. I get tripped up and I drop my books. The boys laughed loudly and they kicked my book around, jeering at me. Tears filled my eyes and I ran around, picking up the books. School is a nightmare and home is nightmare as well. I wanted to die.



I go to my hideout to cut myself again, but when I climbed back down, I see a familiar face. He was sitting under a tree, strumming on his guitar. I realize that it was Kelvin! I walk towards him, but just as I was going to say hello, my legs buckled and gave way. I collapsed. Kelvin let out a little yelp and he ran over to me, "Hey!" he shouted, shaking me, trying to recover me. I tried to sit up, but the only word that came out of my mouth was, "Kelvin..." I mumble groggily, "You look familiar... Do I know you?" He replies, holding the back of my head, trying to help me sit up, "Sister..... Your sister......" I say, my eyes closing slowly. "What about my sister? I lost contact with her about six months ago, why?" Kelvin said panicking. "I'm your sister.... Darcy" I say before everything went black. I lost too much blood and with me being anorexic and bulimic, it was too much for my body, so my heart is struggling to survive. I wanted to die and I hope I got my wish...  



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