Broken dream

Mit bidrag til lyrik-konkurrencen, som startede den 21. november. Det er skrevet på engelsk, fordi jeg foretrækker det frem for dansk, når jeg digter, selvom dansk er mit modersmål.


1. Digtet


Nobody truly cared about the darkness in her once so happy eyes

Her soul was left bleeding, but she was willing to pay the price 

She ripped herself to pieces attempting to make them realize

That no matter who she used to be, another girl was to rise

From the ashes of what they did to her, the shadow of their lies


She was their innocent victim, their laugh of this very century

When she closed her eyes, her heart screamed about the parody

That they had created with her life and death, very carefully

And she felt how time slipped between her fingers rapidly

Was what they turned her into really all she could possibly be? 


The weight of her realization wrapped around her like a noose

They never cared for just a minute about her worldviews 

As everything fell into place, it all fell apart, became abstruse

Every minute she had been around them stole a year of her youth

And before she could grasp the straw, stop the sand, she was recluse


When she was left for dead in more than one sense of the word

Every crime done to her, every suspicion was brutally confirmed

And all that people had said, even just once, could never be unheard

She desperately wanted them gone, wanted their claims controvert

But not a single soul knew, because she never managed to alert


Nothing is no longer what it seems, noone can trust their sight

A broken dream is a powerful weapon combined with an appetite

Of revenge and thirst of blood, whoever blocks the path must fright

For her mission is to change their minds, make them contrite

And she is forever blind for who gets caught up in her fight

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