I Think, You're the One

A girl, Malorie, was childhood friends with the "Harry Styles". One day she was missing him, so she gave him a call that may have changed her life... forever.


1. The Call...

 Malorie's POV:

       I woke up today, somewhat tired. I looked for my best friend, Trinity, who has been living with me in my apartment. "She must've gone to work early" I thought. It wasn't like her to do that though. "So here I am, alone, board, and..." My thoughts interrupted by my stomach growling. I went into our somewhat small kitchen and made some cereal. I was far too lazy to make pancakes. I ate my cereal, and then decided to watch TV until I thought of something better to do. I turned on the news and I saw my old best friend, Harry Styles. I think of him everyday. I've missed him so much lately, but I don't have time to call him anymore. He was way too popular to worry bout me. He probably forgot I exist. Now I had free time though, so maybe I will call him, and I did.

     'Hello?' I heard his familiar voice and it brought tears to my eyes. 'OMG is this the Harry Styles?' I joked. 'Haha, nice one Malorie, so how have you've been?' 'OK, I guess, but I miss you.' I said. 'I miss you too' 'So... after your tour can you please come over to my apartment for a little while to hang out?' I asked, trying not to sound too desperate. 'Tour ends in 2 weeks, 3 days, I'll be counting down the days to see you' he said. 'Can't wait!' 'Malorie, can I bring the boys with?' 'Sure, I don't think Trinity would mind.' 'I can't wait to meet Trinity, and see you!' he said. 'I can't wait to see you and meet the boys!!! Bye' 'Bye, Love' he finally said before he hung up. I just can't wait!

     About 4:30pm, when Trinity got home, I told here the news. She was a huge directioner, and she had no problem with it. We cleaned up the house and the guest rooms. We only had 2 extra rooms with king sized beds, so I guess, Harry would be sleeping with me. :)


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