I Think, You're the One

A girl, Malorie, was childhood friends with the "Harry Styles". One day she was missing him, so she gave him a call that may have changed her life... forever.


2. Love of my Life

Malorie's POV:

"HARRY!" I screamed when I saw the sight of his face as I opened the door. I jumped up on him. My legs around his waist, my arms around his neck. I lent down to kiss his cheek but he moved his head, on purpose, so I would kiss his lips. When I kissed him, it felt good, the feelings I had for him before all came rushing back. I could feel his mischievous smile, which of course made me smile too. I pulled away and just looked at him. Just as I remembered... his beautiful green eyes, cute dimples, and gorgeous smile. His curly, long hair in his eyes, finished off the look.

I swept his hair from his eyes as he put me down. I had totally forgotten bout the boys. "Umm, hi, well I'm Malorie, and this is Trinity." I said, a little embarrassed of what just happened. "Hi!" They all said in sync, which made me giggle. They went down the line, I'm Louis...I'm Niall...I'm Zayn, he said with a wink...I'm Liam... and I'm Harry. I gave them all a quick hug and invited them inside. It was cold out anyways. "So, 2 of you boys can have this room, 2 boys can have this room, and Harry... you can sleep with me since we have no more space." I said. Zayn then yelled "I have dibs on Louis in my room!" That meant that Liam and Niall would be in the other one. "Harry, is that fine with you? If not I can have the couch" I told Harry. "I would love to" he said with a smirk on his face. "Oooh! Harry's gotta girlfriend!" Louis yelled. "You're so immature" Harry said to Louis.

Trinity then broke the silence after that. "Movie?" she asked. "Sure!" the boys yelled, Louis being the loudest. "I'll make popcorn" Trinity said already in the kitchen. "I'll grab snacks and drinks!" Niall yelled. "Watch out, Niall will eat everything" Liam warned me "I'll go keep an eye on him." So it was now just me, Zayn, and Harry. "Zayn, how bout you go pick out a movie?" Harry suggested. "OK!" he replied.


Harry's POV:

I was just trying to get some alone time with Malorie. She is absolutely beautiful. Just as I remembered. Being famous and all, I've had a lot of girls thrown at me, but all along... I've been wanting her. I just don't know how to tell her. That kiss earlier was amazing though. I wish I could call her mine, so I can do that any time I want. "So, I've missed you" I told her. " I've missed you too... The conversation was cut short when Trinity yelled "POPCORN IS DONE!" We then walked over to the couch to watch whatever Zayn picked out.


Malorie's POV:

Zayn of course had to pick a horror movie! I'm terrified of them! I jumped on the couch and got under a blanket. "Wanna join?" I asked Harry. His face lit up and he sat down next to me. He got really close, which I enjoyed. I would have him to hold at the scary parts. The movie started and we all watched. Trinity was on the couch, in the middle of the four other boys. I couldn't blame them. She was really pretty, prettier than I will ever be. When the movie started to get more scary, I held Harry's hand. I squeezed his hand every time I got scared, which was most of the time. Every time, he would whisper something into my ear, like... "I have you, don't worry" or "Your fine, you're with me" He made me feel safe and secure. I liked it that way.


Harry's POV:

I looked down to find Malorie's head rested on my shoulder, fast asleep. I decided to carry her bridal style upstairs to bed. She was drop dead gorgeous. I put her in 'our' bed. It was weird calling it that. I went to leave the room, but she grabbed my arm, and gave me eyes that told me that she wanted me to stay. I did. I laid down next to her, pulled up the covers. I heard her whisper "Thank you" "For what?" i asked. "Being here with me, and not forgetting bout me" "How could  I forget about you? You are th-... she cut me off with a kiss. "The love of my life" I finished.

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