I Think, You're the One

A girl, Malorie, was childhood friends with the "Harry Styles". One day she was missing him, so she gave him a call that may have changed her life... forever.


3. I'm his!

Malorie's POV:

I woke up in Harry's protective grasp. My forehead on his lips, and my hands on his chest. His arm was wrapped around my waist. I moved my head and went to kiss him on the lips. He kissed back and I could feel his corners of his mouth curling up, turning into a smile. "Rise & Shine" I said. "Hey, babe" he said with his morning voice. His voice made me laugh. "So... I have a question, Harry." "Yes?" "Are... we...umm.. a thing?" I asked. "Well, no." "Oh." I said disappointed. "Not officially." "Wha-" He cut me off and kissed me. "Malorie, will you be my girlfriend?" "YESSS!!" I said. "Of course Harry!"


Harry's POV:

She's mine! Now I can hold her, kiss her, and protect her. I've been holding this in since the first day we met. Unlike other girls, I feel as if she loves me for me, I'm not wondering if she likes me cause I'm in "One Direction" I then carry her on my back downstairs. "You 2 left early last night." I heard Louis say. "Yes we did" I said and then kissed her to show that I'm taken. "Oooh! Harry's got a girlfriend!" I turned around and told Malorie to go get ready. "For what?" she asked. "I'm taking you to the mall." I replied. "Kay!" and then she left. I went to go get ready too.

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