I Think, You're the One

A girl, Malorie, was childhood friends with the "Harry Styles". One day she was missing him, so she gave him a call that may have changed her life... forever.


4. Harry, HELP!

Malorie's POV:

I went and got ready. I didn't want to do my hair so I just put it up in a messy bun. I got a cute tank top that says "I Love British Boys" that showed my stomach, but Harry definitely wouldn't mind. I put on some black skinny jeans and some wedged shoes. I actually looked pretty cute. I walked downstairs and saw Harry all ready and cute. He grabbed me by the waist. Told the boys he would be back in a bit and walked me to the car. I sat in the passengers side and he sat in the driver's seat. He started up the  car and we were off...

*At the Mall*

We were heading to the food court and there was this creepy guy kept checking me out and following me. Harry didn't notice and it's probably best he didn't, since he gets jealous easily. He told me to find a table and wait, while he got our food, and to call him if I need anything. I went and found a table. I pulled out my phone and started playing games. That guy walked up and took my phone. "Give that back" I said, trying not to drawl a crowd. "No, I don't want 'Pretty Boy' to help you." He grabbed me by my wrist and pulled me into a closet with him. "Hey, Babe." he said. "Harry, HELP!" I yelled. " Do I have to do this the hard way?" he yelled at me. I decided to keep my mouth shut so I didn't get hurt. "Take off your shirt!" he demanded. "No..." I mumbled. He then slapped me. I yelped. It burned on my face and I felt tears in my eyes. I did what he said. He put his hands on my stomach and started to rub. "Hands off!" I yelled. He slapped me again, just harder this time. Now I was crying. "Kiss me!" he demanded. I did what he said. I eventually pulled away. He slapped me a third time in the same spot. I was now balling. "HARRY!" I yelled one last time before getting slapped again, and was forced to kiss him again.


Harry's POV:

I heard Malorie scream my name. I heard some crying. I dropped my food, and ran to where the scream came from. The crying getting louder as I got closer. I finally got to a closet. I heard a man say "You will never see 'Pretty Boy' again. You're mine now!" I heard Malorie whimper "No matter what happens, I'll always love him." "SHUT UP! YOU LOVE ME NOW!" he yelled. I heard him push her into the wall and slap her hard. I opened the door and pried the man off of her. I pushed him into the wall and punched him. He was now unconscious. I saw Malorie slide down the wall, crying, and holding her face. "Let me see" I said to her. She lifted up her hand and I saw her face. Her cheek was purple and red. He had hit her hard. "I'm sorry, Malorie! It's my fault!" "No, babe." she said between her sobs. I put her shirt back on her, and carried her out of the mall. I then drove her home. Once we got home, I carried her upstairs and laid her down on the bed. I could tell, she was traumatized. "Tell me everything that happened" I demanded. She kinda looked at me in a scared way, as if I brought back the thought of him. "H-he, took my ph-phone, said I w-would never see you again, yelled a-at m-me, s-slapped me, took of my s-shirt, and forced me to k-kiss him."she said stuttering. I took her in a hug and kissed her forehead. "I'm so sorry, I'll never let you leave my sight again. It's all my fault!" "Harry, no, it's mine. We will talk bout this later. I'm just thankful I have you, and not him." "I love you, Malorie." I said. "I love you too, Harry.

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