This movellas is about a little girl called Isabelle. Isabelle is a perfectly normal girl until she comes across a new house that changes everything...............


1. Moving house

Today was a normal day I guess, O ya well except the fact that I was moving house! I hate moving even though I experienced it a lot when I was younger I hated it then to, the biggest reason I hated it was that I had to say goodbye to my friends Ashley and Kate. Now I have to say it to Lis and Chris, and I really don’t want to. Lis and Chris are my best friends and very supportive and helpful. Lis has fair brown hair and blue eyes. Her personality is brilliant, she's really funny and really laid back. Chris has blonde hair and green eyes. Her personality, well,  she’s bit of a control freak, ( sometimes), but she is normally cool. Another reason I didn’t want to move house is because of the school, I don't like school it is just because, well, the teachers love me, and I get really high marks when we do a test because they are really really easy, (Of course it might just be because i'm smart). Another really big reason I don’t want to move is because my mum fixes my room in the last houses without asking me, and it turns out to be a disaster. Hopefully she will forget about my room,(fingers crossed).

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