This movellas is about a little girl called Isabelle. Isabelle is a perfectly normal girl until she comes across a new house that changes everything...............


3. Home alone

Now that they were gone I thought that I should do some exploring.I stared with the living room where I was first, I looked around it looked normal except the painting on the wall. It was strange there was a picture of an old women and what looked like her husband. They were both smiling outside of a farm yard. They were wearing clothes from the 70’s which was really dirty and covered with mud. They were the only people in the photo and seemed to be the only person in the whole farmyard (except the photographer).They might have been smiling but the seemed miserable because of the rest of their face except the mouth. The photo itself was all dusty and looked a couple of years old and was in a gold frame. Now I was finished I moved into kitchen, it was normal there was nothing strange in it,So I moved on. In my head i was thinking about the places I checked and the ones I had'nt. "The living room, check, the kitchen, check, my room, check, outside, check, the basment, not checked". So I ran up stairs and one of the stair boards was broken so i picked it up and there was a key inside. I grabed it and put into my jeans pocket and went up the rest of the stairs slowly incase I would come across another lose stair board. I went up the rest of the stairs and none were lose. I came face to face with the basment door and it had a do not enter sign that made me want to do it more.  I put my hand on the  handle it was locked so I got the key in my hand and my mum came in. "Are you here Isabelle?" I anwsered angerly " yes." "Come down and help me with the dinner" "ok mum." 


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