This movellas is about a little girl called Isabelle. Isabelle is a perfectly normal girl until she comes across a new house that changes everything...............


2. Arrived

Today was the day I was dreading the most, moving day. When I woke up I went down stair and saw that my favourite breakfast was there “Who owns the pancakes?” I asked my parents,” You do honey,” “Thanks.” I ate my breakfast while I thought about the new house and everything else. When I had finished I ran back up stair and brushed my teeth, washed my face and hands and got dressed. When I had finished I ran down stairs in my new outfit, I opened the front door and saw Chris and Lis talking to my parents beside the moving van. I ran out and gave them the biggest hug ever. ” I’ll miss you.” They said,” Me too.” “Time to go now Isabelle” said my mum. I let go of Lis and Chris and took a deep breath and went into the car, as it rode along I shouted out the window “call me.” After that I sat back and enjoyed the ride. After 20 mile we were here in L.A. We drove into a house in state and came up to a house that had a sign that said sold. We went inside and it was pretty cool it was really big and had a lovely smell. I grabbed my bags and ran upstairs and saw a door with my name on it (in my head I kept saying “please be empty, please be empty.”) When I open the door it was empty i was so glad i shouted down stairs " Thank you mum." (she had not fixed my my room). I packed my stuff and went down stair to watch T.V, my mum said she was going down to the market  to get food for the dinner, and my dad had to go to work, his new job is the reason i'm here in L.A.

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