Mystique Academy

Meet Sally Stone.She's 14 and attends Mystique Academy a.k.a. St Annalice's Academy for the Gifted.Most people think it's a snooty, snotty boarding school for the extremely rich and well-off.But Sally Stone isn't.Her parents are working class.They both have full-time jobs and are barely home.Her siblings don't mind as they can look after themselves.However, Sally is different from her brothers and sister.She has the amazing gift to move things with her mind and the ability to see into other's minds.That is why she attends Mystique Academy.So she can learn how to control her powers.You see, Mystique Academy is full of children like Sally.They all have powers; Strange, Cool and sometimes Scary.The teachers at the Academy all teach the children how to control the powers and how they can help better the world and how they can help others with their powers.But what happens when the school is threatened with closing?Can Sally and her friends save the school without exposing their powers?


15. Not another chapter

Hello to anybody who is still following this story,

Many, many apologies for not completing or updating at all. But I really lost my motivation for this. 

This was because of a lot of things. It was partly due to real life, I was getting into doing exams at school and homework piled up. Next, I started watching anime which took over my life. I would get home and watch anime until I went to sleep. Then the same thing happened with YouTubers. And after all of that, I had lost motivation to write anything. 

These are also, really, all just excuses. 

Although, there was one thing that really demotivated me, the fact that people seemed to be misunderstanding what it was that the story was about. It seemed that people thought that the story was based on Harry Potter, which it wasn't. Seeing that people weren't understanding made me think that it wasn't worth doing. BUT I WANT IT KNOWN THAT I DO NOT BLAME ANYONE. IT WAS MOST LIKELY JUST A FAULT IN MY WRITING. 


But I have thought about this story and I am going to bring it back. It shall be completely rewritten, it will have a new plot (which was another reason for not continuing - I didn't actually know where the story was going) and it will be written, I feel, better. My writing style has changed and I, at least I hope, have improved. 


So if you like this story, it will be posted sometime as a new story so keep an eye out for that. 

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