Mystique Academy

Meet Sally Stone.She's 14 and attends Mystique Academy a.k.a. St Annalice's Academy for the Gifted.Most people think it's a snooty, snotty boarding school for the extremely rich and well-off.But Sally Stone isn't.Her parents are working class.They both have full-time jobs and are barely home.Her siblings don't mind as they can look after themselves.However, Sally is different from her brothers and sister.She has the amazing gift to move things with her mind and the ability to see into other's minds.That is why she attends Mystique Academy.So she can learn how to control her powers.You see, Mystique Academy is full of children like Sally.They all have powers; Strange, Cool and sometimes Scary.The teachers at the Academy all teach the children how to control the powers and how they can help better the world and how they can help others with their powers.But what happens when the school is threatened with closing?Can Sally and her friends save the school without exposing their powers?


6. Chapter 6

"Sally! Get up!" I voice squeals in my ear. "Sally! I'm serious! Get the hell up or I'll get Olly on you!" 

My eyes flicker open and I glare up at the person. Jade. She smiles down at me before pulling my duvet off, leaving me curled up on my empty mattress.

"Sally! It's the first day back!" She screams at me. "And we're now one year away from becoming seniors!"

I push myself up into a sitting position and glare at Jade who kneels at the end of my bed smiling innocently.

"That won't work, Jay." I tell her. Her innocent smile fades and is replaced with the face of a grumpy toddler.

"DON'T CALL ME THAT!" She screams so loud, I'm sure Olly and Charlie can hear it and they're on the opposite side of the mansion. Or that's where they should be.

"Whatever, Jade." I mutter, slipping off my mattress and heading to my wardrobe. I pull the door open and immediately spot the newest clothes.

Every year on the first day back at school, when all the students have arrived and settled in, the staff place brand new uniforms in everyone's wardrobes. Each year group has a different uniform. It makes it easier to identify who's who. 

"Looks like we got our new uniforms, Jade." I look over my shoulder and see Jade already examining her uniform which lays outspread on her bed. I turn back and take my uniform and head into the bathroom. 

After a quick shower, I brush my teeth and look at my new uniform. Then I slowly change into it. A clean, pure white shirt and a black pleated skirt. Then I pull on a deep green blazer which must be the colour for 4th years. I slip my feet into a pair of shiny black pumps and tie my hair up into a high ponytail. I leave the bathroom and see Jade in her similar uniform, her hair loose around her shoulders.

"Ready?" She asks me. I nod and we link our arms at the elbow. As we grab our bags, we skip out the room.

As me and Jade enter the centre of the Mansion, we spot Charlie and Oliver looking impatient on one of the sofas. I grab Jade's wrist and sprint towards our friends. 

"Finally!" Oliver exclaims, annoyance clear in his voice. "What took you so long?" His voice is loud, almost yelling at us.

"Chill, Ollie." I say. "We're here now, aren't we?" Oliver still looks annoyed but lets it drop... for now anyway.

"Whatever. Come on, there's an assembly." Oliver mutters, slipping off the sofa, pulling his blazer along with him. As he straightens his new shirt, he slips on his deep green blazer. I shake my head slightly and follow my easily-annoyed friend. Jade and Charlie chatter to each other as they follow us to the Northern Wing where the Assembly hall sits. 

I spot the large doors to the assembly hall being propped open by one of the new teachers as I hang back from Oliver and join Jade and Charlie. We pass by the new teacher who smiles cheerily and waves us inside. We all find our usual seats in the middle of the hall. 

The assembly hall is more like a move theatre. Rows and rows of plush crimson seats. Thin aisles between the rows are lined with small white fairy lights. And a large stage lies at the front. Three microphones permanently stand in front of the stage and one stands in the middle of the stage. Bright spotlights hang from the ceiling, newly cleaned of Summer dust.

I sigh as I collapse onto the seat and stare absent mindedly at the stage. Jade, Charlie and Oliver chat about upcoming lessons while I daydream.

"Good morning everyone!" A voice pulls me back to reality. Madame Harresson is standing by the microphone on the stage although she doesn't need it. "And welcome back for another year of learning." Madame Harresson smiles her usual thin smile at us all as she wanders around the stage. "Now, this year we have several new teachers joining us this term. We have Miss Kandy," A young looking teacher walks onto the stage. She has bright eyes and light blonde hair tied up into a high ponytail. She smiles and waves to us all before sitting on one of the chairs located near the back of the stage.

"We also have Mr Mickalas." A young man walks on stage, running a hand through his spiked brown hair. He smiles politely at us and sits down beside Miss Kandy.

"And lastly, we have Mrs Aimela." A middle-aged women enters the stage and greets Madame Harresson with a peck on the cheek and then a small wave and a smile to the audience.

"Now, if you'd all like to join me in welcoming our newest teachers." Madame Harresson then proceeds to clap her hands together loudly, silencing everyone's chatter but starts their hands clapping. About a minute after starting the clap wars of who can clap loudest, the entire student body or Madame Harresson, Madame Harresson stops her thundering hands and glares at us til we're silent. "Professor Forbes, Professor Cole?" She turns to look to the curtained area of the stage. "If you'd like to begin handing out the planners." With a quick nod of her head, two familiar faces appear on stage, their hands full of thin, silver tablets. 

As Madame Harresson begins going over the safety policies and the rules of the school for the new first years, I keep my gaze on Professor Forbes. Her black hair is pinned up into a high bun as she walks along the aisles, passing out the tablets. When she gets to our row, I'm glad that me and my friends sit by the aisle as we're always the first to get our tablets. Professor Forbes passes Charlie, who's nearest the aisle, a large stack of about twenty tablets. Charlie thanks her and takes a tablet before passing the stack down, trying not to drop them.Oliver does the same, taking a tablet and passing it on. As does Jade and passes the stack to me. 

I slip a tablet onto my lap and pass the pile to a girl who's sitting next to me. She smiles and begins taking her tablet as I look down at my own. It's rather normal. It's like an iPad but is mostly used as a planner for school work. Every year we get a new one. I stifle a yawn and look up to see that Madame Harresson is nearly finished explaining the rules.

"How do you turn it on? I can't get it on." I voice beside me mutters. 

I look to my right and spot the girl turning her tablet in her hands, trying to figure out how to turn it on. She looks up and catches me staring.

"How do you turn it on?" She asks me.

"You don't. When the assembly's finished, Mr Bradleys turns them all on." I explain in a whisper. I hear her say a quiet 'Oh' and then sigh. I shake my head and watch Madame Harresson finish speaking.

"Okay, now I've kept you long enough so, Mr Bradleys, if you'd be so kind." Mr Bradleys wanders lazily onto the stage and stands in the centre. He places two fingers to each side of his head and closes his eyes. I lift the tablet up and watch it flash into life. The school logo lies centre screen. "Now, first years. To get your planners connected to you, simply place your first finger onto the school logo." 

I put my finger on the school logo and the screen changes. A bright green line moves up and down the screen, scanning my finger. Soon the background changes to a plain navy blue. The words 'Welcome back Sally Stone' flash up. I remove my finger and lay the tablet down. Small icons for different things soon appear. I skim through all the different apps til I spot my 'Timetable'. I press the icon and I see my timetable pop up.


Breakfast. Private Tutoring. English. Break. Maths. Languages. Lunch. Private Tutoring. Therapy Sessions. Free Choice. Free Choice. Dinner. Chores. Free Time.


Breakfast. English. Maths. Break. Private Tutoring. Private Tutoring. Lunch. Languages. Free Choice. Therapy Sessions. Free Choice. Dinner. Chores. Free Time.


Breakfast. Free Choice. English. Break. Therapy Sessions. Magic Lessons. Lunch. Free Choice. Languages. Maths. Free Choice. Dinner. Chores. Free Time.


Breakfast. Private Tutoring. English. Break. Maths. Languages. Lunch. Private Tutoring. Therapy Sessions. Free Choice. Free Choice. Dinner. Chores. Free Time.


Breakfast. Free Choice. Free Choice. Break. Languages. English. Lunch. Private Tutoring. Therapy Sessions. Maths. Private Tutoring. Dinner. Chores. Free Time.

I look over Jade's shoulder and spot that she's downloading a few games. I gently hit her shoulder and she looks at me.

"What?" She whisper-yells to me.

"You're downloading games already?" I ask, in slight disbelief.

"Yeah, aren't you?" She look at my tablet and shakes her head. "You're memorizing your timetable already?"

"Not memorizing, just checking what lies in store for me today." I say with a shrug of my shoulders.

"Whatever, nerdy-pants." Jade mutters as checks the downloading status.

"Shut up, Jay." I retort. Jade's head snaps round and shoots me daggers. "Oh yeah. I went there." I say waving my finger in the air as I move my head. 

Jade goes to speak but is interrupted by Madame Harresson. "Right. Everyone go to the canteen, for breakfast." Then in sync with everyone else in the room, we stand up and slowly file out the assembly hall, our destination the same. The canteen for one of the yummiest breakfasts ever.

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