Mystique Academy

Meet Sally Stone.She's 14 and attends Mystique Academy a.k.a. St Annalice's Academy for the Gifted.Most people think it's a snooty, snotty boarding school for the extremely rich and well-off.But Sally Stone isn't.Her parents are working class.They both have full-time jobs and are barely home.Her siblings don't mind as they can look after themselves.However, Sally is different from her brothers and sister.She has the amazing gift to move things with her mind and the ability to see into other's minds.That is why she attends Mystique Academy.So she can learn how to control her powers.You see, Mystique Academy is full of children like Sally.They all have powers; Strange, Cool and sometimes Scary.The teachers at the Academy all teach the children how to control the powers and how they can help better the world and how they can help others with their powers.But what happens when the school is threatened with closing?Can Sally and her friends save the school without exposing their powers?


3. Chapter 3

"O-kay?" I say after a minute of silence. "Why are we here?"

"Well, Sally." Jade begins, smiling broadly. "Before you joined me at school, I was snooping around like I usually do when I came across the door. Naturally, curiosity got the better of me and came in. I didn't want to look around too much without you guys so I waited til you all got here before I showed you."

Typical Jade, I think as I step further into the dusty room. A floorboard creaks and threatens to snap under my weight as I gaze around at all the old furniture which litter the sides of the room.

"Right, let me get this straight. We're spending today looking through a bunch of old stuff?" Oliver checks with us, looking right at Jade who nods her head a smile tattooed onto her face.

"You mean you want me to look around with you guys amongst all this old and irreplaceable stuff? Me?" Charlie adds, inching forward on his toes as if the floor is about to collapse under him.

"You'll be fine Char!" Jade says, joining me in the centre of the room.

"Don't call me that!" Charlie snaps.

Jade glances at me and I send her a 'Don't push it' look. She seems to catch on as she nods and looks back at Charlie and Oliver.

"Sorry Charlie." Jade opens her arms for a hug and Charlie inches forward slowly, not trusting the floor. Jade has never been patient and soon she strides forward and gives Charlie an 'I'm sorry' hug. He hugs back and then pulls back.

"Right. Now that's sorted, let's get searching!" Jade exclaims, looking to each of us; Me behind her and Charlie and Oliver in front of her.

Charlie still looks unsure so I link my arm through his and pull him to a far corner while Oliver and Jade scurry off to the other far corner. Charlie and I open up trunks and cardboard boxes that have holes where the corners should be. We find books with crumbling pages, clothes made of fraying cloth and glass mirrors and picture frames of broken or smashed glass. I cautiously lift an ancient book from the depths of an old, wooden chest.

The leather cover is wrinkled and worn, the spine looks ready to split. Being careful, I lift the cover. Crinkled pages with fading writing meet my gaze. I lean closer to the book to try and read the letters. I feel a hand touch my shoulder and I jump from shock before I spin round to see Charlie.

"Charlie!" I pant slightly from the fright. "You scared the life from me!"

"Sorry. What's that?" He asks, pointing to the book.

"It's a book. You wouldn't know that, would you Charlie?" I joke, knowing he hates reading.

"Ha ha." He replies sarcastically. "What's it about?"

"Dunno, the words are faded." I show him the book and he squints, trying to read.

"Nope. Can't read it."

"What else is new?" I joke again.

He gently hits my shoulder and heads off to look at something else while I grip my shoulder, faking pain.

"Charlie? Sally?" A voice calls from behind a wall of boxes. 

"Yes, Oh Ghost Of Mystique Academy?" I reply, looking up and around as if searching for a ghost or a sign.

"Get your fat butts out here!" 

"Wow. A ghost who insults us? Hear that Charlie? The ghost thinks we got fat butts." He turns to me and smirks.

"Well, at least we're corporeal." He says.

"Yeah, we'd could easily beat that ugly-ass ghost's butt!" I walk over to Charlie.

"Oh for the love of Saint Annalice! Will you two just get the hell out here?" 

"Sorry, Ghosty. I don't think there is any hell back here. I can't see any. Can you, Charlie?" 

"Nope. Sorry." Me and Charlie smirk at each other. 


Me and Charlie look at each other one last time before walking towards the centre of the room, from behind the wall of boxes.

"Took you long enough!" Jade cries.

"What were you doing back there?" Oliver asks, wiggling his eyebrows. I laugh and shake my head in disbelief that Oliver could be like that.

"You're just jelly, Ollie." Charlie smirks, draping an arm round my shoulders. I scoff and push Charlie away.

"Ooh!" Oliver exclaims. "Someone just got rejected!"

"Whatever Ollie." Charlie replies.

Meanwhile, Me and Jade look at each other. Boys are so weird.

"Why do we hang out with them again?" I whisper to Jade.

"No idea, I was about to ask you that." Jade replies, her voice no louder than mine.

We all head out the attic and decide to just watch films for the rest of the day. We have a Shrek marathon and a Harry Potter marathon with some extra laughs courtesy of my powers.

I am telepathic and telekinetic. I can read minds and move stuff with my mind. It's not a big deal but can be a real pain when I suddenly hear people's thoughts. I never try to read minds, especially not a boy's mind. I don't wanna know what they think. Although, my telekinesis is fun. Before my brothers knew about my power, I'd freak them out and convince them they were being haunted by a ghost. 

After we'd watched all the Shrek films and I'd made the bowl of popcorn float whenever Harry said a spell, we headed back to our dorms. Me and Jade gave each spa treatments and painted each other's nails. 

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