Mystique Academy

Meet Sally Stone.She's 14 and attends Mystique Academy a.k.a. St Annalice's Academy for the Gifted.Most people think it's a snooty, snotty boarding school for the extremely rich and well-off.But Sally Stone isn't.Her parents are working class.They both have full-time jobs and are barely home.Her siblings don't mind as they can look after themselves.However, Sally is different from her brothers and sister.She has the amazing gift to move things with her mind and the ability to see into other's minds.That is why she attends Mystique Academy.So she can learn how to control her powers.You see, Mystique Academy is full of children like Sally.They all have powers; Strange, Cool and sometimes Scary.The teachers at the Academy all teach the children how to control the powers and how they can help better the world and how they can help others with their powers.But what happens when the school is threatened with closing?Can Sally and her friends save the school without exposing their powers?


14. Chapter 14

This is once again dedicated to Duckies as she's the one who keeps telling me to update and I keep letting her down so this is for you Liv. Enjoy x


That evening, after dinner, the gang and I gathered outside by the bench we met at, at break. We had all managed to get out of chores that night by saying that we'd eaten too much at dinner and that we needed some fresh air. Of course, those in our year who had to take our chores weren't buying it but with a bit of persuasion and the promise that we'd all do their chores for the week, they accept. 

"So, we're going to 'busk' at the village this weekend?" Lewis asked. I nodded.

"Yup. If we can," I started, "It's only going to work if we can get the rest of the year out of the way. We don't know if everyone else in the year want the school closed or saved.  We can't risk someone who wants the school closed, i.e. Ollie, finding out the plan and reporting to the teachers who could stop us from saving the school."

"And how are you going to get the rest of the year away from the village square? Where most of the good shops are? And where the best places to hang are? It seems impossible." Taylor wondered. As Taylor was a year younger than the rest of us, she wouldn't be in the village at the same time. It was a shame as her power could have easily gotten us a few quid, with looking like a young, weak girl and then having the strength of over a hundred strongmen from the circus. 

"Nothing is impossible." Jade said. I have to admit, it was cheesy and a bit cliché but it was true. With all of our powers, nothing is impossible. Together we could do anything. And cue the cheesy song-and-dance number.

"She's right. We can't give up any hope. If we want to do something, I think we have enough powers between us to do anything." I told them, hoping that I was able to rekindle some kind of belief that we could do this. 

Just then, the signal bell rang out, telling us that it was time to return to our rooms and get ready for bed. We got up and headed inside, pausing in the main block to say goodbye to the boys. As the rest of us headed towards the dorms, Katia, one of the school's receptionists came running over.

"Jade May?" She asked. Jade turned to her. "I have a phone call for you. From your parents."

"Okay." She looked to us. "I'll meet you in the room." I nodded.

"I think I'll go to Taylor's room to plan out what she can do while we're in the village." Jade nodded and followed Katia to the office.

I then followed Taylor to her room where we lay out on the floor and discussed the plan. Taylor's room-mate - lucky for us, not lucky for her - was not feeling well and had to spent a few nights in the infirmary.


When I finally walked into mine and Jade's room, I spotted Jade lying flat out in a starfish shape, face down on her bed. 

"Hey Jadie, you okay?" I asked her wearily, not wanting to upset her.

"Yeah, I'm just peachy." She responded with a sarcastic tone, her voice muffled by the bed sheets.

I sighed and walked towards her, perching myself on the end of her bed, beside her head. "Come on, Jade, tell Sals what's up." I told her, rubbing my hand along her back to comfort her. She groaned and pushed herself up into a kneeling position.

"You know my parents?" She asked, confusing me with that being her starting point.

"I know of them. I don't think I've ever actually met them, though."

"Well, you know that they've got powers, like me?" I nodded, Jade had mentioned that to me a couple of times throughout our time at school. "They heard about the school closing and now considering taking me out of the school." 

"What?" I screeched. "Why?" 

"They think that if this school's closing then I should go to another school that is like this one." She gave me a look which told me that I should realise what she was on about, and unfortunately, I did know. 

In the whole world, there is only one other school like Mystique Academy and that school is 'Lorem Facilitas Est Mysticum'. That fancy name simply means The Mystical Training Facility. I think it's in Latin but I'm not 100% sure. I'll have to ask Miss Kandy. Anyway, back to Lorem Facilitas Est Mysticum, it's considered our rival school. It's full of the posh and the rich. Those who have powers and the money to match. They all think that they're better than us, and the sad fact? That's not even an exaggeration.

One year, we went to their school for some kind of sporting match, I'm not sure what it was because I hate sport. The only reason I was there was so I could support mine and Jade's friend, Lily. She loved sport and with a power like super speed, sport came easily to her. Me and Jade went with her to Lorem Facilitas Est Mysticum for the day and almost every single person there turned their nose to us, like with a literal turn of the head upwards to point noses to the sky. They also muttered about us, muttering is no good around me.

And when the event was about to begin and Jade and I had sat down, a couple of students got up and purposely left. What annoyed me the most was what one of the snooty brats were thinking. It made me want to punch them but Jade stopped me. If only she heard what they were thinking.  

"They're sending you there?" I asked, my mood drooping further. 

"Yep. They say that they're gonna be using mine, Lucas and Tilly's university money to send me there since Lucas and Tilly don't have powers and the school provides university there."

"But what about Lucas and Tills when they need to go to Uni?"

"Mum says that I should be earning my own money by then so I'll have to pay part of it." Jade slumped and pulling her knees towards her chest, hiding her face in her knee caps. I sighed and slid up the bed to pull Jade into a comfort-hug.

"Don't worry." I told her. "That won't happen. And you know why?" She shook her head, face still in her knees. "Because, we're gonna save the school. We're going to keep it open."

"And if we fail?" She asked, being pessimistic.

"Then we fail. I'll go back to my normal life and you'll go to Lorem Facilitas Est Mysticum and it shouldn't be too bad, I mean... you'll get to see Lily again."

Lily had transferred to Lorem Facilitas Est Mysticum a year ago. She had impressed them with her ability to be the best performer in the sports event without any use of her powers. The school had been sending her offers of entering the school for a lower fee but it was still too much for Lily's family... until her father got that pay rise. And before you could say Wha'? she was gone. Attending the snooty, rich school that everyone at Mystique Academy hates.

"And if she's forgotten us? Made loads of new friends? What then, Sally?"

"Then... you'll make new friends. If I remember rightly, it was you who brought most of our group together. You made new friends and introduced them to your old ones and formed our friendship group." I told her honestly.

"Whatever." She grumbled, obviously not believing me. "I'm going to bed." She then rolled around on her bed until she was curled up under the covers. I sighed again and stood up.

"Alright, goodnight Jade." I grabbed my pyjamas and went to the bathroom where I changed and did my normal routine. 

I left the bathroom, switching the lights off, leaving just the moonlight which shone through the window. I climbed into bed and curled up, hoping and praying that the school could be saved by us. 

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