Mystique Academy

Meet Sally Stone.She's 14 and attends Mystique Academy a.k.a. St Annalice's Academy for the Gifted.Most people think it's a snooty, snotty boarding school for the extremely rich and well-off.But Sally Stone isn't.Her parents are working class.They both have full-time jobs and are barely home.Her siblings don't mind as they can look after themselves.However, Sally is different from her brothers and sister.She has the amazing gift to move things with her mind and the ability to see into other's minds.That is why she attends Mystique Academy.So she can learn how to control her powers.You see, Mystique Academy is full of children like Sally.They all have powers; Strange, Cool and sometimes Scary.The teachers at the Academy all teach the children how to control the powers and how they can help better the world and how they can help others with their powers.But what happens when the school is threatened with closing?Can Sally and her friends save the school without exposing their powers?


1. Chapter 1

I remember that day like it was yesterday.

I was sitting outside in the forest behind my house, enjoying the sunshine from my favourite spot; The highest branch of the tallest tree. My book lay open on a branch as I gazed up into the clear, cloudless sky. It was one of the best days of the year. I sat for a couple of minutes, breathing in the cool spring air. It was going to be my birthday soon. My 11th. I couldn't wait. I had planned a huge party with my friends from school. 

Me and my 3 best friends decided to go to the cinema in the morning, then have a huge party with my whole class and then have a sleepover. Me, Lily, Sasha and Molly were really excited the days leading up to the party. It was all we talked about; Our outfits, the songs that'd play at the party, the food, the film we'd see, etc. 

Anyway, I was sitting in the tree when a shadow blocked out the golden rays. My stare went up to the sky and saw a large eagle flying towards me. It landed on a branch nearby and dropped a letter into my hands. I turned the letter in hand and cautiously opened it, reading the curled letters carefully.

Dear Miss Sally Stone,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Mystique Academy. We believe that you have the potential to attend some of out many specialized lessons. You may not have heard of our establishment but I assure you that you would be most welcome. If would like more information, please follow the following steps:

1. Go to our website;

2. Click on the 'Members' page and then click on the 'Log In' button.

Your temporary details are: SallyStoneSS & TravelWithTheWind

3. Read through our information and show your parents. Discuss this opportunity of attendance  with them fully. Let them know that this is a one time offer.

If your parents agree to let you attend, please send us a letter of acknowledgement with the eagle who brought you this letter. The eagle's name is Arashus and he will not leave without that letter.

Hope you can attend, 

Waiting for your letter,

Madame Harresson

Head Teacher Of Mystique Academy

I glanced up at the eagle and saw it watching me with it's beady eyes. I looked over the eagle's sleek brown feathers and folded the letter into my pocket. I put my things away into my bag and climbed down the tree, jumping down near the bottom and landing perfectly.

I headed home and loaded up my laptop and wearily tapped the web address in. I followed the instructions and typed in my log in details. The pale yellow background of the school website changed as I logged in. The colour changed to navy blue and a dark golden yellow.

I read the pages of information and found out that Mystique Academy is a school for the gifted. For Children with strange and wonderful powers. I look at the pages describing each member of staff and the seniors of the school. Each one has a different power. I look at pictures of the school itself. A large mansion like building with 4 wings and 5 floors. The East and West wings are the dorms while the North wing acts as a teaching block, where the classrooms lie, waiting for their visitors. And the South wing, a.k.a. the entrance wing acts is the social area, games rooms, movie rooms, chill out areas, you name it, they have it. Behind the large mansion-school, another building lies. It matches the school building but is a lot smaller in size. It acts as a sports building, with a swimming pool, a gym, numerous dance studios, a couple of saunas and spa-like rooms and two large changing-slash-locker rooms. One for boys and one for girls. 

I didn't realise how long I had been looking at the website as I never noticed my parents arrive back home with my brothers. My sister hadn't been born yet.

"Sal?" My oldest, yet younger brother, Max said to me as he walked straight into my room without knocking, something that annoyed the hell outta me.

"Max!" I yelled back as I spun round in my computer chair to see the face of my brother. His dark brown hair fell over his eyes as he backed away, trying to find behind my bedroom door. "What have I said about knocking?" I stared him down, my face hard as rock in an annoyed expression. Although, I could never be mad at my brother for too long. My face softened as I watched him reappear from behind the door before asking him why he was here.

"I was told to tell you we were back." He still cowered. Even though I was only 3 years older than him, I was still much stronger than him. I also used to scare him when we were younger so he's also scared of me on some level. 

"'Kay." I told him as I held my arms out, signalling him to come and hug me as an apology. He smiled and ran towards me. I slipped a golden coin between my fingers without him noticing. I wrapped my arms round my little brother before pulling away and sliding my hand behind his ear. As my hand graced his sight of vision, I slid the coin into my fingertips and showed him the coin.

He smiled happily and took the coin. I did this a lot. It was always my way of apologizing. A hug and a magic trick, usually one which ended with him getting something. I ruffled his hair and gently pushed him away from me. He ran off but I stopped him as he reached the door.

"Maxy? Get Mum and Dad to come here would you?" He nodded happily and skipped off, probably to find Jackson, my other brother and Max's twin.

I twirled back towards the laptop screen and clicked onto another page as I head my door open, without a knock (Again!) and my parents shuffle in. I showed them the letter, I had received and the website for the school. They thought it over hard and then left to make dinner, leaving me answer-less.

Although, later on at dinnertime, we all crowded round the table as my Mum set out our plates of food. Jackson and Max started stuffing their faces, despite the constant tellings off from our Dad. I ate politely, like I was always taught, A lesson which never seemed to rub off onto the twins who sat across from me.

"Sally." My Dad said, catching my attention. "Me and your mother have talked it over and as long as we can afford it, you may go to Mystique Academy."

"Really?" I was shocked. And when they nodded, I turned into a Cheshire Cat and grinned for the rest of the night. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" I screamed, causing my brothers to finally notice the others seated round the table. I laughed at their confused faces and finished my meal.

Once dinner was done, I sprinted to my room and woke my laptop up. I clicked the 'Contact Us' link on the school site and found an e-mail address. I copied the e-mail and then loaded up my gmail account. I pasted the e-mail and speed-typed a message.

Dear Madame Harresson,

My name is Sally Stone and I have a couple of questions. My parents would like to know how much it costs for me to attend your school? Also, Where is the school? How will I get there? Do I need any special equipment or clothes? When would I start?

Yours Sincerely,

Sally Stone. 

I sent the e-mail and immediately had a reply. I quickly read it.

Dear Sally,

If you attended our school, we would pay for your entire education, it would not cost you of your family a penny. The school is located in the highlands of Scotland, way in the country, far from any major towns or cities. We would send someone to collect you and they would take you straight here. You do not need anything special to attend the school, just yourself and anything else you desire. There is no limit to how much you may take as you will either have a room to yourself or be sharing with one of our other girls and each dorm room is rather large, so there'll be plenty of space. And if you agreed to attend, you would start on the first week of the Summer Holidays.


Madame Harresson

I sent a simple reply to let her know that I received the e-mail. I reported my new knowledge to my parents and told them to write the letter. They did and I when I glanced out the window, there was the eagle from earlier. It was casually waiting on the window sill. It hadn't been there long. It was like it knew the letter would be ready soon and when it was I open the window and gave the letter to the eagle who flew off. At that moment in time, it was unknown if I'd ever see that eagle again. 


The memory replays in my head as I lay in my bed, gazing up at the plain white ceiling. The sound of my dorm-mate, Jade, sleeping is all I hear. Her light snores fill the room. I hear the rustling of Jade's duvet as she rolls over, getting dangerously close to the edge of her bed. 

Jade is also my best friend. We always share a dorm, ever since my first year. Jade's full name is Jade May and she is the same age as me, just born slightly later in the year. She has long-ish brown hair and blue eyes. She's much prettier than me. When I first met her, she introduced herself with a broad smile and full introduction;

I stood in the middle of the empty hall, wondering where I had to go until I saw a girl, about my age skipping towards me. She stopped in front of me and smiled, looking me up and down like she was inspecting me.

"Hi! I'm Jade. Jade May. I'm a healer and protector. What's your power?" She spoke quickly, making her happiness and excitement obvious. I simply replied with a shy smile and shrugged. "Well what's your name, then?"

"Sally. Sally Stone." I kept my gaze on the floor by her feet.

"Nice name." She smiled broadly again. I nodded a 'Thank You' at her and she tilted her head at me. "You don't say much, do you?" I shook my head. "You new?" I nodded at her, not wanting to speak too much. "Well, don't worry. I'll look after you. You can be my new best friend." She linked her arm with my crossed ones and lead me to lessons.

We've been best friends ever since. She showed me the ropes of the school and helped me come out of my shell. I always thank her and wonder what life would be like if I didn't meet her. I wondered if I'd still be at Mystique Academy or if I'd be back home with my family, attending a normal school, my powers making my life miserable and confusing. But I try not to think about it too much. 

I am now 14 years old and have been attending Mystique Academy for 3 years now. It's the start of my fourth year and I can't wait for school to start. I arrived at school a couple days ago and have just finished unpacking my many suitcases. Me and Jade always arrive at school early, it's become a tradition. We arrive early, make use of the empty social areas and wait till school starts and we begin learning how to use our powers. 


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