Stars - A Fanfiction Not Just For Union J Fans.

I have attempted to write a fan fiction that will fit everybody's needs you don't need to be a Union J fan to read this, and you never know this may even convert you.

The Union J boys are racing to stardom and are rumoured to be the next One Direction. As the boys slowly go between normal life and stardom how will this effect their relationship between their friends, family and more importantly for George his fiancee?


2. Stars

All of a sudden all the lights from the cars and street lights were like thousands of engagement rings beneath us. Shining as if to say 'well done mate.’

We sat in silence for a while, my arm tightly round him, to try and tell him it was ok.

‘ I’m so sorry about the ring.’ George stammered.

Reaching into his pocket he pulled out the velveteen box, prizing the golden ribbon from the lid untying it and then fashioning it as ring round my finger.

‘ I can’t afford another one right now, so I hope this is ok in the mean time. I promise when me and the boys win X Factor you can buy any ring you want.’

I gave a silent gleeful nod at his compassion. For the rest of the night we didn’t look off the balcony down at all the city lights. We lay on our backs and looked at the stars, spotting constellations. Directly above us were a cluster of four large stars with what seemed like millions of smaller ones scattered for miles.

‘Don’t worry about the ring George, but  honestly  if you win or not I don’t care. If it helps though I have a good feeling about this whole X Factor thing’

He hugged closer into my chest, as I gazed at those four shining stars in the sky. As I stared at George’s potential future, and I wondered amidst those hundreds of other stars, that swarmed the big four would I just get lost amidst the others?

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