dreams coming true !!!

this is all about a 18 year old girl who dreams of meeting her true love but will it come true when a shooting star flys by...


4. was it from harry styles !!!

she looked at her blackberry the red light flashed ,she unlocked the screen and typed her password in and she saw the little red star over the twitter app.she moved her thumb slightly on the sqaure on the middle of the phone and clicked on twitter.then were it said conect there was a little blue line beneath it meaning ther was a message,a follower or a retweet.she clicked with a giant smile on her face.A MESSAGE from harry styles saying "hello love thanks for the tweet how r u  rosie" imedently she got on top of the bed and jumped for 5 minuets she then tweeted him back saying "fine i love u so much will you go out with me love rosie"not noticing she had just actually asked harry styles on a date she rang up charlotte one of her bestfriends

"omg omg omg guess what" rosie said  

"what what what"charlotte screamed

"ha ha ha harry st st st styles has just tweeted me" rosie said very loudly

"aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh oh my gosh i cant believe it what did you put back" charlotte screamed

"i put erm erm oh no i asked him out i have completely embarased myself"rosie said quetly

"oh well he wont mind he is probely used to it it will be ok maybe he will say yes any way gunna go on skype to my cousin"charlote said nearly laughing

"ok bye see you soon we should all go to town soon bye" rosie said

"yes but im in collage monday tuesday wednesday then in work fridad satuarday anyway bye"charlotte said"

"ok bye"rosie said

rosie then called emily and lauren her other bestfrieds they all had the same reaction to charlotte.she then got a reply from harry

"yes ok when im actually serious when love harry"

she screamed but was he serious.


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