dreams coming true !!!

this is all about a 18 year old girl who dreams of meeting her true love but will it come true when a shooting star flys by...


2. them days are gone !!!

it was 2 years on since her relationship with bruce she got a text once in a while saying "i still love you can we get back together" she just blanked them.she had moved on  from him he played in the school football team so he had lots of friends.but when she would see him in the street or in a shop she would just say she was having a break from relationships.so he would walk away but one day she cried after a text saying

"ok i was okay with my boy texting you but now im not you broyfriend robber he is mine stay away ive saw the texts he sends to you i knew you had somthing but not anymore dnt text or speak to him any more from chelsea (bruces girlfriend)

she cried of the thought that his boyfriend thought that she had somthing with bruce but them days were gone she now hated him why would chelsea think that rosie had somthing with him. "she thought to herself them days are gone the new me is out im ready for love !!! 

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