dreams coming true !!!

this is all about a 18 year old girl who dreams of meeting her true love but will it come true when a shooting star flys by...


1. all about rosie

Rosie was a perfect sized girl she was skinny and she was around 5 foot tall.she had curls that were so beautiful you wouldent want to touch them in case you made them out of place.she had pink lips and eyes that change colour nearly every day ,her teeth were very staraight she never had braces she was natrually perfect.but she had never had a boy tell her that they loved her because they all used her for her looks now they thought they could do that to her.she had now been single for 2 years since her last relationship she hadent been the same her ex-boyfriend called her fat.and now she was always on diets. because he had recked her self confidence.

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