Life As A Styles

Teodora is moving to London.
Moving to London with her sister Fanni and their friends Jolin and Elin.
The four girls were all crazy about five boys. Named One Direction.
When they buyed their house and everything was fixed.
Teodora meet a speciell boy. That boy was Harry. Harry Styles.


10. Watermelons To Share.

Teodora woke up in Harry Styles arms. Again. She knew he was awake, so she just

smiled to herself and let him do circles with his fingers on her cheeks.

-Mornin' angel, he smiled.

-How did you know I was awake? Teodora laughed and putted her arms around his chest. 

-I can hear it. When you are asleep you breath more...heavy, He smiled.

-I do? How do you know?

-I've listen to you, all night.

-Harold Styles, you know how to make a woman go crazy, she laughed and kissed his

cheek. Harry grabbed her hands and said;

-I have a suprise for you, young Teodora!

-You do? Teodora smiled.

-Yes, I do! He said and covered her eyes with his hands

-Harry? What the...

-Trust me! He laughed.

-Alright.. She smiled.

Harry hold her face in his hands and opened a door with his foot. Two seconds later he let Teodora take a look.

-Wow...Teodora said when she stared at the foodtable with bread, fruit, tea, juice and much more!

-Breakfast time! I borrowed a couple of movies we can watch tonight, if you mind to stay? he smiled.

-Of course! Hey... Wheres the others?

-The lads are at Zayn's friends place...Niall and Fanni went somewhere.. Harry grinned.

-Niall and Fanni?! Oh my god! Teodora laughed.

-Yes, they are coming tonight, we can't eat up all the candy by ourselfes, can we?

-Fanni is going to eat everything up.. Teodora said.

-Don't forget Niall, Harry laughed and pulled out a chair for Teodora.

-Thank you, Teodora said and looked up in Harry's perfect green eyes.

-Welcome, angel. Harry smiled and picked up a watermelon.

Teodora just stared at the table, she didn't knew what to eat.

-Wanna share? Harry winked and laughed.

-How could I say no, Teodora said and rolled her eyes and Harry picked her up. 

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