Life As A Styles

Teodora is moving to London.
Moving to London with her sister Fanni and their friends Jolin and Elin.
The four girls were all crazy about five boys. Named One Direction.
When they buyed their house and everything was fixed.
Teodora meet a speciell boy. That boy was Harry. Harry Styles.


13. Sweet dreams.

-Ouch, Teodora said and rubbed her stomach.

-Period? Harry asked.


Harry stood up and putted his jacket on.

-Harry? Where are you going? Teodora said and stood up awkwardly.

-I'm getting you tampons, Harry smiled.

-Oh my god Harry, I love you so much, she said and kissed him.

-I be back honey, Harry said and walked out the door.

Teodora closed the door after him and walked to the window. The clouds were all over

London. Teodora took a light pink cosy blanket and cuddled up in it.

love him so much..., she thought. It was just...mean't to be....

-Ouch.... she said again and closed her eyes.

-I'm heere! Harry yelled.

-Wow, that was quick, Teodora smiled.

-Well the shop is just around the corner, here i'll help you lay down, sweety. He said and took Teodora in his arms and putted her on the sofa.


-Should I make you tea?

-Sure, thank you. Teodora said pleased.

10 minutes later, Harry came with tea.

He putted a warm pillow on Teodora's stomach and stroked gently her braid, till she fell asleep.

-Sweet dreams, beautiful. Harry said and kissed her nose.


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