Life As A Styles

Teodora is moving to London.
Moving to London with her sister Fanni and their friends Jolin and Elin.
The four girls were all crazy about five boys. Named One Direction.
When they buyed their house and everything was fixed.
Teodora meet a speciell boy. That boy was Harry. Harry Styles.


12. Kissing in the raindrops.

-Oh my god, Fanni! Stop screaming it's just a movie! Teodora said and looked at her.

-I can't help it! Fanni said and hugged Niall.

Harry looked at Niall and did a thumb up.

-Okay guys, we can't watch this anymore! Teodora said and turned the TV off.

-Why!? Niall said.

-Look at her...Oh god... Teodora said.

-No, I'm fine, Fanni snored and laughed.

-Are you sure? Teodora asked.

-Yes..Fanni answered.

-Right. Teodora said and turned the TV on again

An hour later Niall and Fanni already went to sleep in the guest room, and Teodora

were asleep on the sofa.

-You are beautiful, Harry whispered and kissed her forehead.

-Harry...Teodora said in her sleep.

-I am here, Harry answered.

Teodora moved awkwardly.

-Oh, Harry whispered and picked her up. He carried her to the bedroom and lay her down on the bed.

-Harry, Teodora woke up.

-Teo? Yes? Harry said and putted a blanket over her body.

-Come here... She said and shivered.

Harry layed her head on his chest hugged her tight.

-I'm not tired...Teodora said.

-Get your jacket. Harry said and helped her up.

-Where are we going? Teodora asked.

-I don't know, Harry smiled.

Teodora grabbed her brown coat and her panda hat.

-Cute, Harry laughed and grabbed Teodora's hand

When they went out, the yard was full of paparazzis.

-Harry! Look here! 

-Harry Styles!

-Who is she!

-Are you dating?!

-Come on Harry! Teodora tried to run.

Harry just smiles to the paparazzis and picked Teodora up.

-Harry? What the? she laughed.

They went to the orange flowers again.

-They are still beautiful, Teodora said and watched the flowers.

-Yes...Uh oh! Harry said and grabbed Teodora.

-Whats going on Harry?! Teodora gasped.

-Rain, Harry smiled.

-Oh....Teodora watched up and a shower of rain came down on them.

-My dream came true, Harry smiled.

-What was your dream?

-To kiss you, in the rain. Harry said and picked her up. The rain were streaming down their bodies and Harry kissed her lips.




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