Life As A Styles

Teodora is moving to London.
Moving to London with her sister Fanni and their friends Jolin and Elin.
The four girls were all crazy about five boys. Named One Direction.
When they buyed their house and everything was fixed.
Teodora meet a speciell boy. That boy was Harry. Harry Styles.


7. Fancy dress.

-Noo! Please! Leave him aloone! Teodora screamed.

-Schh! Sch! Sister! It was just a dreams! Fanni said and puted a towel on Teodora's sweaty head.

-I.. , Teodora started crying.

-Just a dream...Sch...Fanni said and brushed her hair.

-It was so real... Teodora hulked.

-I know but it's over now, okay? I made you breakfast

-Can you give me 5 minutes?

-Sure! Fanni said and closed the door behind her.

-Oh my god... Teodora whispered.

She stood and looked at her self in the mirror when she was done dressing.

Harry Styles..Harry Styles... Her head repeated.

She was gonna meet Harry 18.30 so she had much time left.

Teodora went down the stairs.

-Finally! Fanni rolled her eyes and putted the pancakes on the table.

-Sorry! Teodora laughed.

-Wanna do something speciall today sis? Fanni asked and watched her eat.

-Shopping? Teodora grined.

-Yes! Fanni laughed.

-Let's go then! Teodora grabbed Fanni's hand and the girls got their purses and went out. It wasn't a long way to the shopping center. So they got there by walk.


4 hours later the girls went home with 10 shoppingbags in each hand.

-This was so fun! Teodora said

-Yes! I'm so happy I bought this new haaat, Fanni laughed.

When they were home Teodora said she was gonna go out for a walk. But, Harry was waiting for her.

Teodora ran as fast as she could to the forest. She arrieved breathing heavly.

-You came, Harry smiled.

-Of...Of course i did. Teodora laughed.

-I got planes for tonight, wanna follow? Harry smiled.

-Sure, what are we going to do? Teodora asked.

-Get a fancy dress, Teo. We are going dancing! he smiled.

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