Life As A Styles

Teodora is moving to London.
Moving to London with her sister Fanni and their friends Jolin and Elin.
The four girls were all crazy about five boys. Named One Direction.
When they buyed their house and everything was fixed.
Teodora meet a speciell boy. That boy was Harry. Harry Styles.


9. Anything Could Happen.

-Hi i'm Zayn.

-I'm Liam!

-Louis here!

-And I am Niall!

-I'm Fanni, Fanni said and tried to shake all their hands.

-Yea, i'm Teodora, call me Teo, Teodora said and stood close to Harry.

- Wow you really smell good! Louis said and grinned at Harry

-Yes, and your hair reeaallyy looks like a waterfall! Zayn laughed.

All started laugh but Harry

-Yea, yea guys real funny..., Harry said and flipped his hair.

-Take a joke maan, Niall said.

-Right... Okay guys let's go in, Harry smiled.

-Sure! Teodora giggled.

-Can't believe it! Fanni whispered and grabbed Teodora's arm.

-Me neither! Teo answered.

When they walked in the blue lights were shining everywhere.

-Teodora, may I...? Harry asked and afford his hand.

-Of course! Teodora said, took his hand and winked to Fanni.

Harry took her  hips in his hands and moved slowly to the music. Teodora watched his green eyes and took a deep breath.

-I...I really like you Teodora..Harry said and pulled her closer.

-I like you to Harry, Teodora breathed.

-I waited so long...for you..., Harry smiled.

-Harry... Teodora started.

-Yes? Harry said and looked at her.

-I love you...she said and hugged him.

-And I love you, Harry said and putted his chin on her head.

-I will just check Fanni, Teodora said and jumped to the bar.

-Yea we just moved here, Fanni said.

-Oh! I see, you ever been here before? Niall asked.

-Hey guys! Teodora said.

-Hi sis! Fanni smiled.

-Oh so you two are getting along! Teodora laughed.

-Yes, Niall smiled.

-Why don't you dance with us? Teodora asked and looked at Fanni.

-You are right! Come on, Fanni! Niall smiled and grabbed Fanni's hand.

Fanni were about to fall, Niall Horan touched her!

Teodora & Harry, Fanni & Niall. All 4 were dancing on the dancefloor.

Teodora layed her head on Harry's shoulder,

Niall putted his hands on Fanni's waist,

While ''Anything Could Happen'' were played...

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