Another Christmas Story ☃

When Santa goes missing, it suddenly becomes the young CIA agent Paul's job to find him again! He brings along his friend on a quest that is basically impossible. Why? Santa has been kidnapped by the CCIA - Canadian Central Intelligence Agency.
What is a young American to do when the borders to Canada have been sealed for ages and it is strictly illegal to cross them. But if he doesn't go...Santa will not be there for Christmas.
Keep reading to find out what happens to Paul!


6. The End.


When I woke up in the morning, I'd forgotten I was in Canada. Then I remembered; we had been caught. Man I hated my life right now. FML. 

20th of December 2011, Canada.

"Shouldn't we work out the details of our plan?" I asked. 

"Do you guys think it'll work?" Jack asked.

"Yes, we just have to be careful." Santa replied. 

We set to work. After we had planned everything we waited and waited and waited. Then finally Mr. Sparkly entered the dungeon. 

We stood up, put a hand over our hearts and sang the following:  

"O Canada!

Our home and native land! True patriot love in all thy sons command."  

"All right, all right. Just stop there. Do you really think that'll work? Try again." he said tauntingly and left us there, all alone. After our failure we started to brainstorm other ideas. And let me tell you, that took a while. 

"Okay, so that's seriously what we're going to do?" I asked. 

"Yeah, well we'll just have to try and try until we succeed." Jack said.

Then Mr. Sparkly entered the room again.  "What mischief have you been up to now?" 

"Nothing, sir. Except could we have our lunch now?" I asked.

"Fine. I'll bring it to your cell." He walked away.

"Darn it. Okay so he won't let us out no matter what. I guess that excludes our discarded plan, but it was worth a try." Santa said, trying to be cheerful.

"Well on the bright side we'll get some food. I'm starving!" said Jack, looking on the very dull bright side.

"Wait a minute.. I think I have an idea. With the spoons he brings us for our lunch, we could try and dig a tunnel out of here. Can that work?" I said. 

"Sure, that could work, but that would take years, and we only have a couple of days!" (Santa)

Mr. Sparkly came back holding lots of food.

"Sir?" I asked.

"Yes?" Mr. Sparkly answered.

"How far under the building are we?" said Santa.

"A few kilometers. Why do you ask?"

"N- nothing.We were just wondering." I implied. 

"I'll be back to check on you in five minutes okay? You understand?"

"Well, Of course Mr. Sparkly. We'll behave." Jack said.

Once he was gone Santa had a brilliant idea.

"Couldn't we just talk about Canada and its values and stuff?"


"What did I miss?" Mr. Sparkly said as he entered our cell.

"Nothing sir. We were actually just talking about how beautiful Canada is. The fish, the snow, the water and the Hockey hall of fame in Toronto. We've really come to appreciate the Canadians a lot more in these past few days. Wouldn't you say?" I started off.

"Yes, yes quite a bit." Jack agreed.

"Are you serious?" Mr. Sparkly answered suspiciously. 

"Why would we lie, sir?" Santa asked.

"If you aren't lying, then tell me something, you know we invented, that Americans also enjoy." I knew this. Ummmm.

"Trivial Pursuit! Canada invented Trivial Pursuit, which is enjoyed all over the world." I said, very proud of myself for remembering that little known fact. 

"I deem your suggestion.. Worthy." 

"Does that mean we can go?" Jack asked hopefully.

"On one condition. Santa, Canada isn't very famous. We could use a bit more attention." Mr. Sparkly said, seriously. 

"What condition?" Santa  answered. I couldn't believe this. We were so close to freedom, yet so far away. What if the condition was out of our reach? 

"I want you to change your logo colors." Sparkly said solemnly. 

"What? Why? Which colors?" Santa was a bit confused. 

"The logo colors shall be changed to blue, representing the water surrounding Canada and the landscapes."

"What about the other color?" Jack asked. 

"It shall be white, representing the snow of Canada. Can you do that, and you're free to go." Mr. Sparkly finally gave in. It was a big thing to ask. Changing the logo colors would change the course of the Coca Cola company. Before I could react Santa said: "Done. If that's what it takes, I'll do it!" 

"Can you do it now so I can see the result?" Mr. Sparkly said hopefully, thinking of the future of Canada. I didn't think Santa had enough magic to do that but a few seconds later it was done. It was horrible to look at. It was just.. Wrong. But Mr. Sparkly seemed pleased beyond my imagination. 

"Very well. You can go."


Mr. Sparkly sent us over the border to America with a smile. "Now go and spread some Christmas joy. And don't forget to give Canada the best presents." When we had taken one step over the border, Santa turned around, switched back to his original hat and yelled: "PSYCHED! As if I'll ever wear that hat you fool! And there ain't nothing you can do about it! HAHAHA!" 

"Hmpf. We'll get back at you.. Oh don't you worry, we'll get you for real next time. I would sleep with one eye open if I were you." And that was the last I saw of Mr. Sparkly. The image of him waving his fist at me still wanders my mind from time to time. 

But Santa succeeded in saving Christmas against all odds. We helped him of course, which meant we got to ride in his sleigh. When we came back to the CIA, Jack and I both got huge promotions, so now I'm the General Agent, which was Mr. Barkley's old job.

And that's how my story ends. Sometimes I'm afraid the Canadians will find me, with their death threats, and with new modern technology, not that they have it yet, but who cares. You just have to live life and enjoy the ride.

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