Another Christmas Story ☃

When Santa goes missing, it suddenly becomes the young CIA agent Paul's job to find him again! He brings along his friend on a quest that is basically impossible. Why? Santa has been kidnapped by the CCIA - Canadian Central Intelligence Agency.
What is a young American to do when the borders to Canada have been sealed for ages and it is strictly illegal to cross them. But if he doesn't go...Santa will not be there for Christmas.
Keep reading to find out what happens to Paul!


5. Busted.


15th of December 2012,

"Sir, I have activated security plan 3.05. The computers have started searching and they came back with some disturbing news. Our tracking devices have traced the signal back and I got a bit confused." said Walter.

"Why?" Mr. Sparkly asked.

"It says they're in the building." Walter said slowly.

"What? Do you mean they're HERE? Wait. That means... We have to get to Santa Claus before they do!" They raced towards the elevator.


    Meanwhile Jack and I had succeeded in finding Santa Claus, but there was a problem.

"I don't want to leave Canada. They feed me, help me and I don’t have to do anything... EVER."

"I'm sorry to say this Santa, but we don't have much time. You have to come with us now! Who else will spread the joy of Christmas? Only you can do it!"

"Fine, I see your point. But you have to help me out of this cage!" We tried and tried, but we couldn't get the door open. Then the inevitable happened.

"BUSTED. Leave him alone NOW!" the guy we had seen before said.

"I am the boss here, the General Agent. My name is Mr. Sparkly," Even under the serious circumstances, Jack and I couldn't help laughing. Mr. Sparkly?

"No. Why did you steal him? Why do you want to ruin Christmas all over the world?" Jack asked.

"We've had enough of your glory. And seriously - Rebecca Black? That was foul played. But if you won’t move, we'll just have to remove you ourselves," he answered.

"Walter, throw them in the cell. I have other business to take care of." 

"NOOOO," we yelled. Everything went into slow motion after that. We fought and fought and at last the inevitable happened. We were actually set in a cage.


"Sooo. What do we do now?" Jack asked, sounding very miserable.

"Jack, I'm so sorry I got you into this."

"No, it was worth it. We got each other’s backs bro. You know that."

"What date is it?" asked Santa. "The 15th" I answered.

"WHAT? We must get out of here soon if we want to save Christmas!"

“I know. What can we do?” Jack asked.

“Well, I’ve been here for a while and maybe I can help you a little bit. Mr. Sparkly lets me out to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Maybe if we tackled him and ran we could get out.” Santa suggested.

“That’s a good idea, but our problem isn’t only Mr. Sparkly. It’s the rest of the CCIA department, because they have backup.” Jack said.

“Any other ideas?” I asked. “Okay how about this. Pssss psss pssssss.” Santa said. “Yeah that’s a great idea!!!”  I replied.

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