Rebel girl needs facing life next to the country after the loss of the older brother


1. Troubles

Two cars racing to crack the night on the streets of the city center. At one point one of the cars away from an animal on the track and slams into a truck that comes from the hand.

A cry from the quarter ahead, Emily wakes up. Emily runs into her daughter's bedroom, which is very scared and hugs with love. Mandy is crying, just had a nightmare

it's all right, honey. I'm here. will be okay .... 

The morning comes fast and accompanies Dean and Jake controlling the work with the horses. Jake and Dean are gathering the horses and out of sight a car approaching the house. He leaves Dean alone and go home. He ties the horse on the balcony and enter. On entering the room found his wife Emily with a state official, who hands him a statement. He reads the paper with tired, staring at Emily with disappointment.

Where is she?, He says with fatigue.

What do you think Jake?, Emily is the look of pure apprehension.

In the city center, closed a street where young people will attend the tournament skateboard.
Mandy down the ramp does some maneuvers to take a fall without gravity.
Julie runs to her friend on the floor.

Mandy you okay?, helping a friend spoke to rise.

Julie I'm fine, thanks!, spoke dusting off the jeans worn.

You are always wanting to kill herself









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