They don't know about us...

Rhea Marks, best friend of Louis Tomlinson, and close to the 1D family..
lives in doncaster, and goes to live with the boys for 4 months while there off work so she can spend time with them. she has always crushed on Niall and after finding out something crutial... a relationship occurs, but it's kept quite. Truths are slowly uncovering, will the truth end up hurting those close to her?


6. Chapter 6

It's been a year since I've lived with Niall, and our relationship is still going strong. He proposed to me a month ago, and my family definatly approve of him. Every single weekend when possible, all of us meet at someones house and have dinner together with a film, were slowly running out of films! I enjoy every moment of being with these guys, and i'm slowly getting used to the celebrity treatment. I have a job in the modelling buisness with Elle; she's turned into my girl best friend, and we always have girly sleepovers, sometimes alone, sometimes with the other girls, but we work on the same shifts and the same jobs, we do a lot together now.

Louis Tomlinson is still my best friend though. I always said to him how proud I was of him; I remember when he came off the stage 3 years ago after his xfactor audition and cried because I was so happy for him and so proud of him, but now I feel like a proud mum.. Because of the man he has turned out into, from seeing him as cheeky young boy to changing into a cheeky young man; I'm proud to call him my best friend.

Taylor is now living in England, in fact with Harry, their relationship is still going strong. Liam and Dani are as happy as ever, after their small break up last year they've become closer and found more time for each other. Zayn is still wth Perrie, and finally to the good part.. Louis and Eleanor are married, with a junior Louis or Eleanor on the way, i've been told i'm the god mum no matter what, but also will be doing a lot of baby sitting, looks like everything is getting better and better for everyone in the 1D family.

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