They don't know about us...

Rhea Marks, best friend of Louis Tomlinson, and close to the 1D family..
lives in doncaster, and goes to live with the boys for 4 months while there off work so she can spend time with them. she has always crushed on Niall and after finding out something crutial... a relationship occurs, but it's kept quite. Truths are slowly uncovering, will the truth end up hurting those close to her?


5. Chapter 5

Louis and Elle were just getting out of their car when they saw me walking, mascara all over my face, looking a wreck.

"Oh my god, Rhea! What's happened?" Louis rushed over to me.

"I thought.. you!" I said through sobs.

"Of course not! You're my bestest friend, remember that girl," He hugged me, and I hugged back, not wanting to let go.

"Come inside, then you can tell us!" Elle said softly, her voice is so comforting.

We went inside, I felt like I was at home somehow. I sat on the sofa, and Elle left me and Louis to talk.

"What's up bestie?" He asked.

"I thought today would be perfect, after lunchtime. Niall took me on a picnic and it was so cute, he sang for me and everything! But we got in, I put the telly on and the gossip channel was on, at first nothing came on.. the they told the world about me and Niall. And showed pictures from today and everything, it was like they were with us or something! Then it started, all the hate, I read it and I can't take any more of it, I broke down and walked out on Niall, I seriously regret that now!" I explained.

"Look hun all I can say is, you're going to get hate, it's all part of it all, and you need to be ready for it! You and Niall are perfect together, I guess it didn't help either me lashing out on you. I've realised, we don't need to rely on trust to be best friends, obviously we both trust eachother but my point is if we have something to say then we should give eachother time to tell about it, that's where I went wrong, I know you was going to tell me. Elle get's hate, you'll learn to deal with it hun, don't sweat it, just log out of your twitter and it won't always come through to your phone! I'm so sorry for hurtin your feelings, I was a little hurt that you hadn't told me that's all!" He said.

"Awh Louis! I know! Okay, thank you so much for this, you are my life saver! You two want to come to ours for take-away nandos later? Might ask the other lot too!" I said, smiling.

"There, that's what I like to see! Sure, shall I invite all the others?" He asked.

"Yeah okay, see you later!" He said.

I walked back to Nialls house, getting more nervous as I got closer. I knocked then opened the door, and walked into the living room. I found Niall sitting there, sniffing like he'd just been crying.

"Niall i'm so sorry for walking out like that!" I said, running over to him and hugging him.

"No don't worry, I know it's hard to handle all that hate in one go!" He understood me.

"You sure? By the way, I invited everyone over for nandos!" I beamed.

"Yeah i'm sure! Good, fancied having them lot over, and of course the chicken! I'll ask Louis to come with me to get it!" He said, pulling on his coat and shoes.

"oh! Almost forgot!" He walked over to me and pulled me in for a kiss, all over again the butterflies started, and I kissed back.

"I love you" He sprung on me.

"I love you too!" I chirped back, and it didn't feel weird... it felt natural.


"Harry, christ have you inheried Niall's appetite or something?" Louis gasped as he saw Harry grab his 5th peice of chicken.

"No, I haven't eaten all day!" He said through a mouthful. I laughed at him, and he smiled at me. I felt like part of the 'gang'; sitting there with everyone. It felt perfect, with all my best friends and boy friend sitting with me, his arm wrapped around my waist, watching a comedy film and all laughing at the same bits, it felt like we were almost a family.

"Rhea, I thought while everyones here I'd ask you something... Well as we've been living together for 3 weeks anyway... do you want to move in permenently? It's fine to say no, I just think it would make our relationship seem more, serious!" Niall asked.

"Of course I will! And that means I'll be closer to everyone else too!" I beamed, I was so happy. Everyone cheered comicly, and I smiled around the room, they all smiled back. I finally felt like I belong there.

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