They don't know about us...

Rhea Marks, best friend of Louis Tomlinson, and close to the 1D family..
lives in doncaster, and goes to live with the boys for 4 months while there off work so she can spend time with them. she has always crushed on Niall and after finding out something crutial... a relationship occurs, but it's kept quite. Truths are slowly uncovering, will the truth end up hurting those close to her?


4. chapter 4

We pulled up at hyde park, I was beginning to wonder why we were here.

Niall leaped out of the car and asked the driver to wait for us, he opened my door and went to the boot for something. He pulled out a picnic basket and blanket and grabbed my hand.

"Can you guess what we're doing now?" He smiled.

"Picnic in the park?" I grinned back.

"Yeah! How did you guess? I need to put my snapback and glasses on, I want us to have a nice meal with no interuptions,"

"Awh, I bet there will be a few stalkers there who know exactly who you are with one look!" I winked at him.

He laughed, then lead me to a small patch near the edge of the park. It was lovely, the weather was great, the atmosphere was relaxed, and I completly blotted everything out of my mind. I was surprised I never realised that Niall had is guitar on his back, but he pulled it out and started singing 'truly, madly, deeply' to me. I didn't find it awkward or cringy like I usually would with any other boy, it felt right with Niall.

"That was so cute!" I beamed.

He shyed away in embarrassment, but then looked at me and smiled.

"Thank you," He said.

"Shall we eat then? I'm hungry!" I replied.

"Oh my gosh! We share the same ambition!" He nudged me.

"What, eating? I know right!" I winked.

He started emptying the bag, I was laughing at the food he pulled out. Chicken nuggets, prawn cocktail crisps, oreos, strawberries then chocolate sauce in a pot and some grapes.

"Well, strange choice of food!" I said between laughs.

"It's the chicken nuggets, right? Me and chicken nuggets have a very close relationship, they like me cooking them!" He said playfully.

"I'm not complaining though, I love all this food!" I said.

we ate everything apart from the strawberries, chocolate sauce and grapes.

"Can you throw a grape in the air and catch it in your mouth?" He demonstraited, failing with the grape coming down and hitting him on the nose, which made me laugh.

"I'll try!" I said after catching my breath. I tried, and it worked, I caught it in one go.

"Trying to show me up, eh?" He said.

"I can't help I have skills in grape catching!" I winked.

We finished up everything, then made our way back to the car. When we got back in, I turned on the telly; the gossip channel was on. I watched for a bit, nothing special, just a bit about the twilight film. Then breaking news flashed on the screen, and a picture of.. me and Niall came up onto the screen.

"Breaking news! Niall Horan from the worldwide band One Direction has been seen having a romantic picnic with the band member Louis' best friend; Rhea Marks. They were seen holding hands, flirting and Niall serenaded her, shown in this picture here." The news reported said.

Niall had obviously came into the room whilst I was unaware, because he was standing near the door.

"Great!" He sarcastically remarked.

"Oh well, they would havefound out sooner! I guess people don't know the meaning of privacy!" I sighed.

My phone was going mad, I checked it. All or most of it was hate, hate from directioners, hate from everyone.

@Niallswife9 @RheaMarksOffi- I actually hate you, Nialls mine only mine, get off him. I hope Karma gets you.

@MissNiallerHoran @RheaMarksOffi- Ergh, Niall obviously needs his eys checked, he picked some ugly low life.

@Real_Liam_Payne @RheaMarksOffi- don't listen to it babe, you're better than that, Dani gets it all the time, happy for you!x

I broke down, reading all that hate just upset me that jealousy could really make someone that hateful.

"Awh babe, I have hate too, my phones buzzing with the stuff right now! I don't care, as long as we're happy!" He came over to comfort me.

"I don't think I can handle this, Niall," I sighed and walked out, not knowing where the hell I was going..because I had no best friend to go to.

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