They don't know about us...

Rhea Marks, best friend of Louis Tomlinson, and close to the 1D family..
lives in doncaster, and goes to live with the boys for 4 months while there off work so she can spend time with them. she has always crushed on Niall and after finding out something crutial... a relationship occurs, but it's kept quite. Truths are slowly uncovering, will the truth end up hurting those close to her?


3. chapter 3

I woke up to the sweet smell of.. well I don't really know what it was really. The first thing that popped into my head was Louis. over the past 4 nights since the first night I got here, I have been wondering whether to tell him or not. I followed the smell; down the stairs, through the hallway, to the kitchen and opened the door.

"Morning sleepy head! I made up pop tarts!" Niall chirped.

"What are pop tarts?" I said.

"You've never had pop tarts?!"


"I don't know how to explain what they are, just eat it!" He said with a smile.

I obeyed, and copied the way Niall ate it. I bit into it, and a sweet brownie taste seeped through my teeth. It was delicious. I was satisfied with my meal, but it felt like it was because he wanted something, how he made such an effort just for breakfast.

"Hey, what are you after?" I asked curiously.

"Nothing! What makes you think that?" He replied.

"Just making a massive effort, that's all!" I said.

"Well, you deserve it!" He came over to where I was stood at the sink and snaked his arm around my waist, I turned my head and smiled at him.

Then I remembered what I worried about last night.

"Me and Louis tell each other everything! Does this mean I can't even tell Louis? It may ruin our friendship,  I didn't tell him about me liking you.. That's one of the things he talked about last night! I thought someone told him, he just said he wants me to trust him with everything, but I don't want us to have to break up, but then I want Louis and me to still be friends...what shall I do?" I asked.

"Babe, do what you thinks right. It's only the first couple of weeks he needs to keep it quite, but baring this in mind it could get out to the public and you and I will get bad hate!" He said.

"Well...I suppose he could wait to hear the news for a little while!".

Niall leaned in for a kiss, and I felt the butterflies I had felt before again. Suddenly, the kitchen door slammed. I pulled away hurriedly and turned my eyes towards the door, only to find the only person I didn't want to see then... Louis.

"Rhea, I thought you said you can trust me!" He said upset.

"I can trust you Louis!" I whined.

"Why didn't you tell me? Rhea, it feels like you are keeping too much from me, just...just leave me alone for a while!" Louis said through a thick voice.

"No, Lou! Don't do this to her, to me! It's not fair!" Niall fought for me.

"It's too late, Niall!" He ran out of the door, and I collapsed in the chair.

"I knew I should have told him straight away!" I said.

"It was my fault, I was thinking of us.. of us being happy!" He said hopelessly.

"No it wasn't, don't say that!" I said through my forming tears.

"Don't cry babe," He pulled me into a hug, I hugged back and lay my head on his shoulder.

He rocked my for a while, then I broke off and said I needed to get dressed. I ran up the stairs, and threw myself at the bed. I sobbed for a while, until I heard footsteps coming up the stairs, so I went into the wardrobe and shoved something on, wiped my face and walked out.

"Does this dress suit me? Is it too.. dressy-upy?" I asked twirling around.

"No, you look stunning!" He replied.


"Yes! Wear it, please!" 

"Well..okay! Where are we going anyway?" 

"Ahh! You'll find out!" 

"Tell me!" I whined.

"Nope!" He said.

We walked out to the car and drove away, going towards the centre of London.

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