They don't know about us...

Rhea Marks, best friend of Louis Tomlinson, and close to the 1D family..
lives in doncaster, and goes to live with the boys for 4 months while there off work so she can spend time with them. she has always crushed on Niall and after finding out something crutial... a relationship occurs, but it's kept quite. Truths are slowly uncovering, will the truth end up hurting those close to her?


2. Chapter 2

We arrived back home and didn't realise it was 12am.

"Louis where have you been?! We've been worried sick!" Elle said relieved as we walked through the door.

"There was a lot to talk about!" Louis said back.

"Well... at least your both safe! Think we should go to bed now, we have a surprise for tomorrow!" Elle had a gleam in her eye and excitement in her smile.

"Ah.. we haven't got another bedroom, I don't expect Rhea to sleep on the sofa! Harry? Niall? Either of you mind having Rhea for the 3 months she's with us?" Louis asks, slyly winking at me.

"I will! I have a second bedroom, besides Harry's at Liams tonight so.." Niall offers without hesitation.

My heart was pumping... booming. I was surprised no one else could hear it. Niall picked up as many bags as he could.. I don't exactly pack light when I travel.. and I picked up the excess bags and followed Niall.

"Urm, i'm not great company but i'll always be there for a chat! And there's something I need to tell you anyway!" His Irish accent sang through my veins, I smiled at it.

"Oh okay!" I hopelessly answered.

We got in and he showed me to my room, a lovely white and bluey-green combination, with a lovely clean smell to the room.

"So this is the room, nothing special really but hopefully it's good enough for you!" He said.

"No it's fine, I love it! It's my favourite colour actually!" I re-assured him.

"Mine too! That's why I chose it to be honest," He smiled; his eyes looking straight into mine, and my heart melted inside my boy... I could have kissed him there and then.

He walked out and I frowned, feeling almost disapointed. But I busied myself, and started un-packing all of my stuff which looked like a years worth of clothing and supplies piled up on my bed. I finshed within an hour, and went downstairs to explore. I walked into the living room, to find the blond boy rocking out to 'this is love' by I laughed a loud and he whipped his head round, then walked over to me and grabbed my hand, and started dancing with me. I went along, and then a slow song came on. He changed the pace of his dancing and took one of my hands, the other snaked around my waist. My heart was doing it again, nearly booming out of my chest.

He looked straight into my eyes.

"Ever since Louis introduced me to you, I haven't stopped thinking about you. I have a huge crush on you, and i've only just plucked up the courage to tell you..." He blurted out.

"It's weird, i've been completly crazy over you since Louis introduced us to each other, and whenever i'm near you my heart literally booms out of my chest.." I replied.

"It sounds crazy but I really want us to be together!" He said.

"So do I!" I said egarly.

"But we'd have to keep it quite, I hate all the publicity at the best of times but with a girlfriend... and I would hate you to get the sort of sick hate that Elle, Dani and Perrie get!" He said.

"Yeah, I understand, what keep it quite from everyone? Even the boys?" I asked.

"Well yeah, I trust them with my life and everything.. I just don't want anything to accidentally slip out.. is that okay babe?" He asked.

"Yeah, I think i'm going to get off to bed now though, it's gone 2!" I said.

"Okay then sweetie.."He broke off. Then, just as I was about to turn away and walk out of the door he linked fingers with me, and his lips pressed against mine. I went with the flow before he pulled away.. He turned the music off and followed me to bed. I walked through the door but before closing it, I turned around.

"Night blondie!" I winked.

"Night brownie!" He joked.

And with that I went to bed.. and while I was in bed, running what just happened through my head.. I suddenly thought...


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