Tegan and Riley are a couple,Tegans's family hate Riley.So Tegan and Riley run away...


1. Leaving

Tegan's POV
I went into my wardrobe and pulled out a small suitcase,I put it on my bed and went to my dresser. I pulled out a cardigan and a blanket.I shut the draw and got my coat and trainers out of my wardrobe.I heard my phone ring,it was Riley "Riley,I'm almost packed,my mum has gone out so come now"I said as I rushed around, trying to find my purse "Okay I'm on my way"replied Riley,I put down the phone.I found my purse in my desk draw along with my savings pot.One I finished packing clothes I went to grab some food,I took some fruit,cookies(gotta have cookies) and other stuff.
Riley came after about an hour so I quickly wrote a letter to my younger sister Mara,I left it in a cookie box in my room "Lets go"I said putting my bag into the back of Riley's car,he put his next to mine.We got into the car and drove off,soon we were out of Somerset and were on our way to Brighton
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