Kiss You

Julie is a normal girl living in London. She lives in an flat with her best friend, Emily. They have loved one direction since the were 14. They have tickets to a one direction concert and they are in front row. when something happens their lives will change forever.....


6. Swimming, Games, And Flirting


    Swimming was so much fun! Harry kept tickling me by swimming up behind me and grabbing my waist. In a way I felt as he was just trying to flirt with me. I mean he is the biggest flirt in the band right, it says so in the video diaries. Oh well... I thought I was cute. 

    After swimming we all got out of the pool and dried off. We all went inside, took showers, and got dresses into there pajamas. We all met back in the living room.

    "Im bored....." Louis wined

    "Lets play a game."Liam suggested.

    "Truth or Dare!" Niall yelled

    "Ok."Harry said placing his empty beer bottle on the ground and we all sat in a circle around it.

    Zayn insisted that he was the first to go and spun the bottle and it landed on Louis.

    "Louis Truth or Dare?"Zayn asked

    "Dare!" Louis said with a determined look on his face.

    "Ok, i dare you to kiss Emily!"

    "What?!?!" Emily yelled while blushing. 

    Louis leaned over to emily and slowly got closer to her lips until they were completely touching. Emily and Louis sort of got carried away and i finally heard Niall yell, "Hey guys its called a kiss not trying to mold your mouths together!" They broke apart quickly after they heard niall yell at them. they were both crimson red in the cheeks.

    "OK my turn!" Louis screamed, "Harry truth or dare?"

    "Truth." Harry replied.

    "hmmmm... OK Do you like julie?"

    Just after that question he blushed i blushed we both didn't know what to do.



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