Kiss You

Julie is a normal girl living in London. She lives in an flat with her best friend, Emily. They have loved one direction since the were 14. They have tickets to a one direction concert and they are in front row. when something happens their lives will change forever.....


2. Hello My Name Is....


    We jumped off the stage and into the front row, every girl in the stadium was screaming. It was so loud! Me and Louis ran over to the girls we kept staring at and pulled them on stage with us. You could tell they we shocked.



    All of the sudden Harry an Louis jump off the stage and start walking toward us. I didn't know what to think and I could tell Emily was shocked too. Harry took my arm and Louis took Emily's i was so socked i wasn't even thinking straight. They pulled us up on stage with them and started talking and out of the blue we were being asked questions.

    "So what is your name love?" Harry asked in the microphone the handed it to me and Emily

    "This is Julie and I'm Emily." I heard Emily answer for me.

    "Well you too are going to sit here for the rest of the concert and then we will talk later." Louis said gesturing towards the couch in the middle of the stage. Emily and I just nodded our heads and sat down.     To tell the truth I have always liked Harry a little bit more than the others and I knew Emily felt the same way about Louis.

    We watched the boys perform and then the show was over and we were pulled back stage.



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