Kiss You

Julie is a normal girl living in London. She lives in an flat with her best friend, Emily. They have loved one direction since the were 14. They have tickets to a one direction concert and they are in front row. when something happens their lives will change forever.....


4. Harry's Flat

             (EMILY'S POV)

Julie and I ran up to our flat that on the thirds floor and grabbed our stuff. Harry told us that we could just spend the night at his place so we had to pack for that too. When we both were completely packed we took our bags and ran towards our car and threw our stuff in the back seat. We then followed them to Harry's flat. I looked over to see Julie shaking her leg nervously. I turned on the radio to try and break the silence. The song that was on was 'Lego House'. We both found ourselves singing along, then that quickly grew into singing very loud and obnoxious with the windows down. We pulled into Harry's flat and got out of the car. To tell the truth i was a bit nervous myself, I mean who wouldn't be we were going to hang out with the biggest boy band in the world at HARRY FREAKING STYLE'S FLAT!! I was looking forward to tonight.



I was getting really nervous as we were getting closer to Harry's place. I like Emily and I want to know if she feels the same way about me. I will make sure to find out tonight i really want to know. Maybe if she likes me too i can ask her out on a date to go somewhere romantic. WOW Just thinking of her gives me the chills, she is so beautiful with her long curly brown hair and brown eyes. 



We all got out of the car and Julie's car pulled up beside mine and they got out as well and grabbed their bags and we all headed up to my door. When we got inside everyone decided to get ready to go swimming now so we all dispersed into different rooms and got changed. 

When I was ready I walked out into my living room and I saw that Julie was the only one ready except for me. I thought for a second and decided that this is my chance to make a move.

"Hey Julie while the others finish getting ready do you want me to show you where the pool is?" I asked walking over to where she was sitting.

"Ya sure!" She replied with a smile on her face. Oh how I love when she smiles

I reached out my hand to help her up and she gladly accepted. We walked out back and towards the pool. I pointed to the chair on the deck gesturing for her to sit down next to me. She sat down and all we did was stare into her eyes, i started to lean forward for a kiss and she did too. I could feel her warm breath on my mouth. All of the sudden all the boys and Emily (hand in hand with Louis) run out at once and all jump into the pool splashing water up and on to me and Julie. I was so mad I was just about to kiss her! 

Out of the blue i feel something warm on my cheek then Julie gets up from the chair giggling and jumps into the pool. I can't believe she just made the first move. She just kissed me on the cheek. 

I didn't know what to think. I was in my own little daydream until I heard a familiar voice calling me.

"Hey Harry you going to jump in?" Zayn shouted at me

As if it were my queue I ran and jumped in and there was a huge slash


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