Kiss You

Julie is a normal girl living in London. She lives in an flat with her best friend, Emily. They have loved one direction since the were 14. They have tickets to a one direction concert and they are in front row. when something happens their lives will change forever.....


1. Concert Tickets


    "Wow Emily i can't believe we are actually going to be sitting front row at a one direction concert!" Julie yelled across the apartment to Emily her best friend.

    "I know remember when we were 14 and went to our first concert, we weren't as close but it was still amazing!" Emily replied back.


                      *At the concert*

"Oh tell me tell me tell me how to turn your love on, You can get get anything that you want, Baby just shout it out shout it, out Baby just shout it out" I sung the word of the song "Kiss you".

    There was this beautiful girl in the front row and I couldn't stop looking at her! I could tell that Louis couldn't keep his eyes off the girl next to her either. I want to talk to her and find out what her name is. I must find a way..... All of the sudden it hit me.



   I couldn't help but notice Harry kept looking at Julie and Louis kept looking at me, so i decided that i would ask Julie and see if she noticed. 

    "Julie can't you see that Harry keeps looking at you and Louis keeps looking at me" I yelled over the music so she could hear me.

   "Ya i have and it is weird don't ya think." she yelled back.

   "I don't know what to think of it." I whispered to my self.



    I look over and Harry is walking towards me with a mischievous look on his face, i can tell he has a plan of some sort. Liam was talking Harry came up to talk to me, he lowered his microphone and whispered in my ear so no one else could hear what he was saying. He told me his plan and I went along as I was told because it involved meeting the girl i have been staring at all night. I was nervous though we could get in trouble by Paul.


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