Kiss You

Julie is a normal girl living in London. She lives in an flat with her best friend, Emily. They have loved one direction since the were 14. They have tickets to a one direction concert and they are in front row. when something happens their lives will change forever.....


3. Backstage


    I saw Harry and Louis pull up 2 beautiful girls. One in particular caught my eye, the one in Louis arms. She was beautiful. Oh no what am I saying Louis obviously likes her.....



    I couldn't help but notice Liam staring at Emily backstage.  I kind of got jealous thinking that I saw her first. I would make sure that I get this girl and I will have her all to myself!



    We took the girls backstage and I couldn't keep my eyes off of Julie she had beautiful brown hair and brown eyes. All I wanted was for her to be mine, and I had to make that true, she will be mine. We all started getting to know each other backstage. So far I know Julie is 18, lives with Emily in a flat close to mine, she and Emily have known each other since preschool but they weren't really friends until the 4th grade. Emily is also 18. They have a dog named Charlie and a cat named Max. Wow Julie is pretty. i think she realized I was staring and looked at the ground and blushed. Wow she was even cuter when she blushed. What am I saying she's beautiful and I want her mine NOW!



    While me and Emily were telling all about ourselves I noticed Harry staring at me and i couldn't help but blush i was falling for this kid and i was falling hard. I really like him and i think he likes me too. Oh how badly i want him to like me. What am i thinking why would a person like Harry Styles ever fall for a girl like me when he could probably have any girl in the world if he wanted.  

    Out of the blue Harry had an idea.

    "Hey guys we should go to my place and go swimming!" He said excited.

    "Ya sure, but Emily and I would have to go home to get our stuff if thats ok?" I replied

    "Oh no problem we will follow you to your place then you can follow us to mine, how about that?" Harry asked.

    "Perfect!" I said listening to his deep sexy british voice roll off his tongue. He was perfect.

    We left the stadium where they were performing and drove to my place so me and Emily could get our things. Tonight is so far perfect and it keeps getting better!


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