Tommo Twins

Louis and Tammy are twins always together. Ever since they were 4 their mom gave them the nick-name of Tommo Twins. They were both EXACTLY the same. They would run around the house in super hero outfits when they were little. Now Louis and Tammy are in grade 9 together they don't see each other much but when they do they enjoy their time together.


9. Chapter 9

Ms. Audry handed out the baby dolls. "Now remember these dolls have camera's so I will be monitoring who has the baby and when. Also the project will take up the whole year it its worth 75% of your grade. So today since we about have about 5 minutes until dismissal the girls will be taking the babies home!" she said. All the boys cheered while us girls rolled our eyes. "For now you guys can just name your babies." Ms. Audry said. Evan came running up to me. "Is it a boy! Is it a boy?!" He said. "No it's a girl." I said cradling the baby. "Can I at least pick the name?" He asked giving me puppy eyes. "Alright fine" I said. "How's the name Claudia?" He asked. "Perfect.." I said smiling. The bell rang. Niall and Taylor were arguing over a name. I knew she was no good. "No! His name needs to be Toby!" Taylor said. "A better name would be Tommy!!" Niall argued back. "Come on Niall leave her with Toby." I said dragging him out the door. "So what's your baby's name?" Niall asked poking her. "Claudia" I said playfully swatting his hand away. We met up with the rest of the boys in the parking lot so we could all walk home together. "LOOK A LITTLE BABY!!" Louis yelling making it cry. "Louis! It's a project for school. You need to treat it like a real baby." I said trying to calm the baby down. "Awww look at the little plastic baby eyes!" Harry said. "Haha funny!" I said sarcastically. "There's a camera in this doll... Just warning you in case the secret prank master of the house does something." I said looking at Zayn. "Well who ever this person is we must stop him!" He said trying not to give away is secret identity. "Mhm..." Liam agreed sarcastically. When we got home the boys jumped on the couch and turned on the TV while Niall and I went to our room leaving the baby with Louis. "I need to tell you something Niall..." I  said. "Yeah I do to..." He said. "Okay then at the same time."  I said. "I don't like your life skills partner!" We both said at the same time. "Why don't you like Evan?" I asked. "Eh... He bullied me...." Niall said looking down. "Why don't you like Taylor?" He asked. "She bullied me..." I said to him. "Has he bullied you now?" I asked. "No... But maybe he's changed... And maybe Taylor changed too" He said. "Maybe.." I said. We walked out the room and Louis ran into us. "The baby won't stop crying!! MAKE IT STOP!!!" He said pretending to cry on the floor. "Give my Claudia!" I said taking her from Harry who was trying to make her stop. I cradled the baby just like Mum used to cradle Louis and I as babies. "Woah... It's like magic." Zayn said in awe. "It's call girl power!" I said scrunching my nose. "I'm going to make dinner... Like a real mum!" I said proudly. "I'm going to sit on the couch... Like a real father!" Niall said in the same tone. I laughed an rolled my eyes. "Anyone wanna help me cook?" I asked "What are you making?" Liam asked. "Homemade pizza!!" I said.  "I'LL HELP!" Niall yelled running up to me. "Liam can you talk Claudia and don't let the boys mess with her!" I said looking at Harry and Louis who were doing the staring contest. Liam nodded and took Claudia. "Look! I'm a chef!" Niall said wearing a pink apron and a chef hat. "Well Chef Horan this dough isn't gonna cook it's slef." I said taking the dough and spinning it around like they do on TV. It ended up on Niall's face. "Uhh sorry babe.." I said gently taking it off. "Its fine... I have revenge..." He said mumbling the last part. I pretended not to hear him. "Tammy I'm bleeding!!!" Niall said with red sauce all over his hands. "Funny.." I said sarcastically. "Oh really...?" He said giving me a hug and wiping the sauce on me. "Oh you didn't do that did you?" I asked. "I think I did!" He said proudly. I took the flour and got him in the face. "Oh it's on!" He said getting me with flour. Louis ran into the kitchen and ended up slipping on the floor. "Lou are you okay?" I asked. "Where's the flour?" He asked. Niall and I pretended not to know where it was. Louis got a hold of it at took the whole bag and poured it on my head. "LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON!" I yelled shaking the flour out of my hair. "Guess what Lou. That was the last of the flour! And now we need to order the pizza!!" I said still shaking flour out my hair. Liam came bursting into the room and almost slipped. "I'v got good new! We're going to Florida... And we can't go to school anymore for that reason. Oh an-" Liam said but Harry finished. "WE'RE GOING ON OUR FIRST TOUR AS ONE DIRECTION!!" He said happily! We all gasped and then jumped around happily. "We leave... Tonight" Zayn said. "Then lets get packing!!" Louis said running into his room. All the boys came following except for Niall instead he helped me clean. As soon as we finished we raced upstairs to start packing. Of course I won. As soon as I got out the boys had a limo-zine to take us to the airport. 



**In Florida**

Just getting out the airport I could feel the warm breeze. "Wow it's so beautiful here!" I said looking around at the palm tree's. "It's too bad we have- Uh oh..." Zayn said. "What?" Harry asked confused. "RUN!!!" Liam yelled running off. "HOLY SHIT!! EVERY MEN FOR THEM SELVES!" Louis said running. I turned around and saw a crowd of girls running I looked to my left and saw more and to my right even more. All was left was me and Niall. "Tammy!" I heard him yell. I started to get dizzy. Just as I was about to fall to the ground someone caught me the rest was black out. 

I woke up in a light blue room surrounded by the boys. "Wha... What happened?" I asked as I rubbed my eyes. "You passes out when you got crowded but Chandler caught you." Liam said. "Who? Where's Niall? Where are we?" I asked starting to feel dizzy again. Louis gasped. "You don't remember THE Chandler Walker?!" Louis asked in shock. Now I remember Chandler was my ex boyfriend from back in Doncaster we broke up because we had to move to Cheshire. I looked at Chandler, does her know I'm in a relationship with Niall. I pretended to faint. "Who's this?" I heard Niall's Irish accent say. "Hi I'm Chandler... Tammy's ex.." Chandler responded sighing. I could tell he missed me...


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