Tommo Twins

Louis and Tammy are twins always together. Ever since they were 4 their mom gave them the nick-name of Tommo Twins. They were both EXACTLY the same. They would run around the house in super hero outfits when they were little. Now Louis and Tammy are in grade 9 together they don't see each other much but when they do they enjoy their time together.


8. Chapter 8

**A week later**

Poor Niall is still in a coma.... The doctor said he might not make it. I feel so bad I should have looks both ways before I crossed the street. I haven't left Niall's side in the hospital with very little sleep. "Niall...?" I finally whispered to him. No answer. I tear shot down my face. "Niall!" I said louder. "Wake up!" I said screaming and crying. Louis and Zayn took me away. "NOOOO! LEAVE ME WITH HIM!" I yelled trying to pull away from Louis and Zayn. They pulled me into the waiting room. I fell to the floor crying. "Tammy it's going to be okay." Louis said rubbing my back. "What if it's not Lou... What if he doesn't make it through.." I said crying. Louis pulled me into a tight hug. "Can I go back?" I asked Louis. He nodded. "Niall..." I whispered. "I love you too much to let you go.... Please don't leave me... I love you." I said crying harder. "You... Love me?" He asked blushing. "Niall!!" I said hugging him. "Why am I here?" He asked. "Niall... You don't know what happened?" I asked. He shook his head in confusion. I tear fell down my face. "Hey... Tammy don't cry!" he said. "Niall what's today..?" I asked. "The second day of school... But what am I doing here?" He asked again. "Umh.. You fell down  the stairs..." I lied. "Guys come in here!" I yelled to the boys. I whispered to them what Niall thinks. Harry sighed. "I'll go talk to him." Zayn said. I walked out with Harry by my side. "Harry... He thinks it's the first day of school.. And he doesn't know me as his girlfriend.." I said crying. He pulled me into a hug. Niall and Zayn walked out when Niall saw Harry and I hugged I saw him sigh. "What'd you tell him?" I asked Zayn. "I told him that we're in a band called One Direction... Oh and that it's summer time!" Zayn said. "And you didn't feel like mentioning the fact that I'm his girlfriend?" I asked Zayn sighing. "Oh... Sorry.." He said. "It's alright I'll tell him.." I said walking over to Niall. "Hey Niall..." I said to him. "Hi Tammy..." He said blushing. I couldn't help but to crinkle my nose.  "Umh... Niall... Zayn told me what he told you." I said. "Is it true.. I got hit by a car saving you?" He asked. "Yes... And Harry told you what you think of me.." I said blushing. "I feel the same way." I said jogging his memory. "You really do..?" He asked. I bit my lip and nodded. He gasped. "The neck lace.." He whispered. "The walk we went on... At the beach.... Tammy!" He said hugging me tight. "Niall I love you so much." I whispered still safe in his arms. "I love you too." He whispered back.



**A month later**

First morning of school I wake up to not hear Louis but Niall snoring next to me. I laughed and hit him with a pillow. "FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!" I yelled running into everyone's room. I came back into my room and saw Niall still sleeping. "Niall get your lazy butt up!!" I said jumping on the bed. "I'm awake!!" I he sain an alarm. I hurried and got dressed and ran down stairs to make breakfast but Harry beat me to it. "Smells good!" I said. "Thanks it's Axe." He said knowing I was talking about the food. "Haha funny Styles." I said scrunching my nose. "FOOOD!" Niall said almost jumping down the stairs. Within half an hour everyone was downstairs and was ready to leave. "Smell that.... 9th graders! Fresh meat!" Zayn said walking off. "Wait for me!!!" Liam said catching up to him. "Race you guys to the front desk!" Louis said. "Oh you're on" Harry said. "1..2...3...7!" Niall said grabbing my hand and running up the stairs. When we got there Louis and Harry were waiting for us. "What took you so long!" Louis said. "Here are your timetables. Don't loose them" The lady at the front desk said handing us our timetables. "Oooh we have all the same classes except for gym!" Niall said to me. "Awesome!" I said. Niall and I walked to Math as our first class. "TAMMY!!" Taylor the girl that bullied me in back Doncaster said hugging me. "TAYLOR!!" I said faking the hug. "As soon as I heard about you fame- I mean that you moved here I begged my parents to move here!" She said. "Oh joy..." I said hiding the sarcasm. I sat down right next to Niall. Time went by so fast and now we're in our last class: Life skills. "Alright class to test your responsibility I'm going to start the year off with a project." Ms. Aubry our teacher announced. Everbody groaned. "Now this isn't just any project this is the baby project. I will be handing out plastic baby dolls, you need to change their diaper, feed it, and do anything you can to keep it happy just like a real baby. And before you look for partners I will be assigning you partners." She said continuing. "Amber you're with John. Kerrie you and Dylan are partners. Niall and Taylor." As soon as Ms. Aubry announced Taylor and Niall as partners I zoned out. I can't imagine my bully and my boyfriend working together. "Lastly Tammy and Evan." My Audry said making my eyes widen. Evan is one of those perverted jocks that bully random kids. "This should be wonderful." I mumbled sarcastically. 

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