Tommo Twins

Louis and Tammy are twins always together. Ever since they were 4 their mom gave them the nick-name of Tommo Twins. They were both EXACTLY the same. They would run around the house in super hero outfits when they were little. Now Louis and Tammy are in grade 9 together they don't see each other much but when they do they enjoy their time together.


6. Chapter 6

**3 weeks later**

We all left the studio finished with the album for Up All Night and now we're going out to the California beach! I'm so excited the beaches there are beautiful. "I have everything planned!" Liam said. I rolled my eyes laughing. "First! We build sandcastles! Next, We enjoy the water. Last we go eat ice cream and skateboarding!" Liam said writing it down. Styles walked into the hotel room with a girl. His hand was around her waist which made me blood boil. Niall sat next to me, He could tell how I felt about that and gave me a kiss on my cheek. I blushed massively. "Does everyone have their swimsuits?" Liam asked. We all nodded. 


When we got to the beach Niall and Louis went to go chase off birds leaving while Styles and 'Her' went out walking which left Zayn Liam and I setting up the blanket. Louis and Niall came back a bit upset. "What happened?" I asked noticing them wet. "...I don't wanna talk about it.." Louis said walking off. "Niall why are your clothes wet?" I asked again. "Uhm... When we chased off the seagulls... Louis fell and grabbed onto me making me fall as well.." Niall said "DID NOT! WE BOTH TRIPPED ON A ROCK!" Louis yelled from a distance. "Awh it's okay." I said giving Niall a kiss and giggling as we pulled apart. Harry saw and with 'Her' he ran in between us and into the water. I changed into my swim suit and Niall eyes were glued to me. "Hey! Eyes up here!" I said pointing to my face. He smirked pulling me into another kiss. I dipped my toe into the water see how cold it was it. It was freezing! Without any warning Niall grabbed my arm in pulled me into the cold water. "NIALL!!" I yelled looking for him. Someone grabbed my ankle from under water. It was Styles. "Oh. Thought you were Raven" He said looking down. I swam away and scared the living hell out of Niall. I jumped on his back as he spun around in circles trying to get me off. "LOOK!" He said distracting me and throwing my into the deep end of the water. We got out the water an moved on to sand castle building competition. The teams were split up to me and Louis, Niall and Zayn, and Styles and 'Her'. And Liam judged. I looked up and saw Zayn and Niall's. My jaw dropped. "Let's just go ahead and say it, Zayn wins!" Louis said jumping on Styles castel. "LOUIS!!" Styles said furiously. "Chill Styles" I said to him for the first time since our split. Everyone stared at me. "Um.. Lets go get ice cream babe." Niall said breaking the silence. We walked over to the ice cream trolley. "You okay babe?" He asked. "Yeah... It just why is it such a big deal that I talked to Styles?" I asked dropping my hands to my sides. "Styles?" He asked raising and eye brow. "Harry!" I said rolling my eyes. "Its just that no one has seen you talk to him at all for almost a month." Niall said. "Niall... Can I ask you something?" I asked looking into his eyes. "Whats up?" He asked looking into mine. "Would you ever do what Styles did to me?" I asked biting  my lip. "Not until you're ready.... I could understand how uncomfortable you'd feel." He said giving me a kiss. "You really understand me Niall...That's what I love about you." I said kissing him again. We walked back holding hands. I could tell Styles got jealous, He just walked off with his fists clenched. 


As soon as we got back to the hotel I got into the shower washing off all the sand. When I got out everyone was in the living room watching Toy Story. "Now I wonder who's idea this was..." I said sitting next to Liam. He had a Woody doll in his hand. I could tell how much he loved the movie. After the movie finished Styles and Raven went to her hotel room. "Lets see Finding Nemo!!" I suggested. Zayn put the movie in. When Nemo got lost Niall started crying. "You know what this reminds me of?" Liam asked. "Oh no!" Niall said putting his head in his knees. "The time Niall got lost in the super market." Liam said making me and Zayn laugh. Niall's head was still in his knees because of embarrassment. Styles walked into the hotel room he went straight into his room. We finished the movie and Niall and I went into our room. "Did you see Harry?" Niall asked. "Mhm..." I said not wanting to talk about it. "I think you need to make up with Harry... As friends ya know?" Niall said. I sighed. "When would be the right time?" I asked him. "Now he's not doing anything!" He said dragging me to the door. I walked up to Harry's door and knocked. "Harry...?" I asked. I heard sniffling. He was on the floor by his bed looking at a picture of both of us. His wrists were bleeding from cutting himself and his eyes were red from crying. "You really screwed this one up Styles." He said to himself. I continued to hear what he was saying. I walked closer and the floor made a creek sound. He turned around hid the picture and put his hands behind his back. "May I help you?" He asked. "Um... Harry I just wanted to say... I'm really sorry for ignoring you all this time..." I said looking at the floor and noticing blood. "Harry... what's that?" I asked pointing to the blood. "Nothing!" He said covering it up with a blanket. "Harry! Don't lie!" I said grabbing his arm looking at his wrists. "Tammy I can't do this any longer! I'm so very sorry! For some reason when I was with you everything changed... You're so different from other girls and.... And I can't explain, I want you back how we used to be... Not dating but as friends...." Harry said actually crying. "Harry, I accept your apology and I really wanna be friends just like before." I said pulling him into a hug not caring about the blood on my shirt. "I don't know why I didn't apologize before." He said still in the hug. "Hazz... Can I ask you something?" I asked pulling away from the hug. "Sure." He said. "Who was the Raven girl?" I asked. "That was my cousin, She lives here in California. Why, you jealous?" He asked chuckling. "No!" I said quickly. "Wait!" Harry said before I left the room. "Please don't tell the boys about my wrists!" He said grabbing my arm before I left. "... Alright... But Niall can keep a secret." I said. He nodded and let go. 

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