Tommo Twins

Louis and Tammy are twins always together. Ever since they were 4 their mom gave them the nick-name of Tommo Twins. They were both EXACTLY the same. They would run around the house in super hero outfits when they were little. Now Louis and Tammy are in grade 9 together they don't see each other much but when they do they enjoy their time together.


4. Chapter 4

I woke up not to the sound of the boys but the sound of people talking and camera's flashing! "Look who's awake!" Louis said tapping my nose. "Where are we?" I asked. "A concert." Liam said casually. "Oh... WHAT?!" I said in shock. "Yea you're a heavy sleeper!" Niall added. "When did we get here?" I said still asking questions. "Umh... About... 1 or 2 hours." Harry said. I looked around and I was in a dressing room with candy, food.. FOOD! I ran streight to the chocolate fountain and started dipping marshmallows in it. And you're coming on stage, Louis tells us you're ace at playing acoustic! So get dressed!" Zayn said. I went into the bathroom and saw a stripe shirt and red jeans. Now who packed this? I thought sarcastically knowing it was Louis. "TOMMO TWINS UNITE!" Louis said putting she on his shoulder and running around. "LOU PUT ME DOWN!" I yelled laughing. We heard a flash and then giggles. There were girls hiding in the pantry. "Lou.." I said pointing at the pantry  He walked over and opened it. Not one girl but 4 girls squeezed in there. "Well hullo there!" Liam said looking down at them. They got out of the pantry and glued them selves to the boys but no Harry he's mine! "Awh look at that!" I said snapping a picture for them. "Thank you!" One of the girls said. "Oh you forgot your backstage passes!" Zayn said before they left. "Oh we didn't..." Another girl said and took the pass, she got what Zayn was trying to do. We all got on stage. It was a huge crowd! "Woah..." I said looking. The boys we flabbergasted too. "HELLO LOS ANGELS !" Harry greeted. DOZENS of screaming and crying girls were in the audience. They started by singing Forever Young and I strummed the guitar to the music. I ended up singing a little too Harry just stopped singing and stared at me singing and Louis smiled. When Louis and I were little we used to sing for our parents and that turned into school musicals, Louis kept singing I stopped and focused school. 

After the concert Harry started looking for me. Being my childish self I ran from him. "GOT YA!" Harry yelled from behind me grabbing my waist to keep me from running off. I giggled. "You never told me you could sing!" He said dragging me onto the couch. "I didn't think that you would care about that." I said in the exact tone. "Of course I care!" He said. I scrunched my nose giggling. He poke my nose. I dipped my finger in chocolate and poked Harry's nose. "Look at you being sweet!" I said laughing. "And sticky!" I said rubbing his chocolate nose on mine. It turned into a cute kiss. "TWISTERR!!!" Louis yelled bringing the game into the room. Harry and I pulled apart laughing. We played twister until the limo came to take us home. "Louis you bum is in my face!!" Niall said in disgust. "Enjoy it!!" Louis said laughing and falling on Liam who fell on Zayn who fell on Niall who fell on me and I fell on Harry! "Lou! Seriously!!" I said laughing very hard. "The cab is here!" Someone yelled to us. 


As soon as we got home I plopped onto the couch. "I'm tired!!!!" I mumbled with my face buried in the couch. "I need to go to the grocery store anyone wanna tag along?" Liam asked. "I DO!" Niall said jumping over me on the couch. "NIALL! You just jumped over me!" I yelled scared the he was going to fall on me. "I'm a kangaroo!!" He said jumping out the door behind Liam. "I'm going to take a shower" Zayn said leaving the room. "Where... Are... The... Carrots!?" Louis asked angrily. "Niall ate em mate!" Harry said hanging off the sofa. "I'm going to the grocery store...." Louis said evilly. "LOU! Get me some carr- NO THEY'RE MINE!!" He said interrupting me. That just left me and Harry in the living room. I looked where Harry was sitting and he wasn't there. I turned around and he was right in my face. "Home alone Tomlinson!" He said. "Shit! You scared me!" I said laughing. "Well actually Zayn is home so-" I said but Harry cut me off by kissing me with passion. We pulled away breathing heavily. "I love you" He whispered kissing me again. He carried me into his room still kissing me. He laid me on the bed and kissed me until we pulled apart again. "I love you too...But Hazz I'm not ready for this..." I said, I could tell he wanted to go all the way. He looked upset. "Harry we're only 17!" I said "Is this what you were doing with all those other girls before me?!" I asked raising my voice. He shook his head. I left the room disappointed After laying down for 15 minutes someone came knocking on my door. "Come in.." I said hiding anger. It was surprisingly Niall. "Harry told me...." He said. He was probably going to defend his friend. "I think that's really wrong" He said. "You're not going to defend your friend you've known since birth?" I asked feeling crappy. "No, I'm going to defend a frail girl who I'v only known for a year." He said poking my tiny wrists. I crinkled my nose. "Should I have listened to Louis when he told me Harry was no good?" I asked Niall. "...Honestly I think so... I'v known Harry for a very long time and he goes through many girls." Niall said. A tear fell from my face. "So I'm one of those girls he went through?" I asked with more tears falling down my face. "Hey, Don't cry.. Everybody has this time in their life, It's not like nobody has been treated like this!" Niall said pulling me into a hug. I never knew Niall was like this. I just thought he was all about Eat. Sleep. And repeat. "Thanks Nialler." I said giving him a kiss on the cheek. "You're a great friend" I said. "Anytime Tammy" He said leaving the room.   

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