Tommo Twins

Louis and Tammy are twins always together. Ever since they were 4 their mom gave them the nick-name of Tommo Twins. They were both EXACTLY the same. They would run around the house in super hero outfits when they were little. Now Louis and Tammy are in grade 9 together they don't see each other much but when they do they enjoy their time together.


3. Chapter 3

"HEY TOMMO!" Harry yelled from out the window. "Hush Styles if Louis hears I'll be screwed!" I whispered and yelled at him. "Let me up Rapunzel." I threw a rope down so he could climb up. "Now what's this rope for?" He said when he got into my room. "Sometimes when Lou bug's me I tie him up into the closet." I joke scrunching my nose. "What's up Styles?" I asked him. "I wanted to see you!" He said with a puppy face. "TAMMY MUM WANTS TO SPEAK WITH YOU!!!" I heard Louis yell. "Shit.." I said under my breath. "Hazz do you mind hiding in the closet?" I asked copying his his puppy face. "Sure love." He said getting in the closet. I ran downstairs, Mum was sitting in the livingroom. "I'm proud of you hunny, Don't EVER let sassy Mr. Louis tell you who to date and who not to date based on what he thinks!" Mum said pulling me in to a hug. "Thanks Mum!" I said running upstairs into my room. Harry wasn't in the closet... He was in the bathroom fixing his hair! "She's fine with us dating it's just Louis who might be upsset about it." I said to Harry. "What are you doing for the summer Harry..? I asked him sitting on my bed. "I was thinking about auditioning for The X Factor...." He said sitting next to me. "Isn't that all the was in... Bradford...?" I asked. He nodded. "When... When do you leave?" I asked quivering my lip. He pulled my chin up so I looked him in the eyes. "I want you to come with me" He said. "Alone?" I asked. "No the boys and us Niall, Liam and Zayn." Harry said. Louis barged in making me jump. "TAKE ME TOO!!!!" He yelled jumping on the bed. I looked at Harry. "Alright! Now sit down mate!" Harry said laughing. "...Where are we going... And more imortantly when?" Louis asked. I laughed and scrunched my nose at Louis. "We're going to Bradoford and tomorrow night." Harry said. "I'm still comming I want to audition in front of Simon!"  Louis sang. I shrugged my shoulders "You pretty good Lou" I said messing up his hair. He ran into the bathroom to fix his hair. "Alright well I gotta go babe!" Harry said giving me a quick kiss and climbed out the window.


**The next night**

Louis and I got into Liam's Range Rover. "WOOOOAH! Do you have a pool in here! Its fucking huge mate!" Louis said. We all laughed. We got to a hotel and Louis and I shared a room. Zayn and Liam. And Niall with Harry. "I AM SO EXCITED!!" Louis sang terribly on purpose. "I can tell but right now just get some sleep Lou." I said turning off the lamp.

"1...2...3...WAKE UP!!!! WAKE UP YOU SLEEPY HEAD!!!!!" The boys chanted including Harry and Louis. "AHHH!" I yelled falling off my bed. "You guys are phyco!" I said laughing and walking into the bathroom. When I got out the boys were eating breakfast. "Holy shit what took you so long!" Niall said with food stuffed in his face. "I'm a girl genious! I'm pretty sure Zayn takes longer than I do." I said pointing at Zayn who was making faces in a mirror. "... True" They mumbled in agreement, "Okay we need to get to the Auditorium!" Liam said being responsiable. We all huddled into the Range Rover and we got there in about an hour we got there and It was crowded! Harry was first, then Niall Louis Liam and Zayn. They all moved on. We ended up having to go to L.A. because Simon put the boys in group and now they need to preform at his house. It's a 12 hour ride. I was asleep almost the whole time. Harry poked my forehead. "Haz.... Stop!" I said poking him back. "We're almost there look!" He said pointing out the window. I looked in awe. America was beautiful! We landed 10 minutes later. I held Harry's hand the whole time. "Louis!! Can I have your autograph?!" Some girls asked excited. "Sure love." He answered. "Fans already?" I said joking around. "Just wait Tam we'll be more popular than Justin Beiber!" Zayn said.


**3 weeks later**

The boys formed a band, One Direction. They ended up having to leave the X Factor but when we got home they were very famous.. And not just at home, In South America, North America, Russia, And Austrilia!

Next thing I knew we needed securety just to go to the corner store! The boys and I were famous! How far will this go?



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