Tommo Twins

Louis and Tammy are twins always together. Ever since they were 4 their mom gave them the nick-name of Tommo Twins. They were both EXACTLY the same. They would run around the house in super hero outfits when they were little. Now Louis and Tammy are in grade 9 together they don't see each other much but when they do they enjoy their time together.


2. Chapter 2

**Last day of school**

I still can't believe I ignored Harry for a year!! I feel so retarded! I walked to school alone today, It was Niall and Louis' time of the month. I walked in the rain alone with no umbrella and all the cars splashing water on me but I didn't care. An Audi drove next to me. "Hey Tommo Twin!" Someone yelled. "Ha- Harry?!" I said holding back tears. "I'v missed you!" He said with his head out the window. "Yeah.... I missed you too" I said looking down. "Do you need a ride?" He asked. I shook my head. "C'mon Tammy you're in the rain!" He said. "You're not mad at me?" I asked quietly. "I'll answer if you get in the car." He said cheekily. I smirked and got in. "I'm not mad at you." He said keeping his eyes on the road. "I'm just upset that I can't be with you..." He said looking at me. "I wish I could but Louis would kill me!" I said. "How old are you now, 16! And you're still letting Louis treat you like his daughter... Sometimes you need to stop listening to the rules Tam." He said stopping at the stop light. "I really missed you... Just last night I was at your doorstep thinking and fell asleep." He said smirking and making me giggle. "Alright Styles..." I said looking into his eyes. "No I need to ask you something.... Will you be my girlfriend?" He asked dead serious. I bit my lip. "Yes" I said. His eyes widened. He continued driving with his eyes widened. We didn't talk until we got to school. He opened to door for me. "Thank you.. Boyfriend!" I said to him scrunching my nose. "That's cute" He said poking my nose. I blushed. We got into Maths and when people saw us holding hands the gasped. "THAT'S RIGHT SHE SPOKE TO ME!" Harry said proudly. "You told them about me...?" I asked blushing. "Tam he would not stop talking about you!" Zayn said. "Yeah he won't go 5 minutes without saying something like, 'Tammy's hair is like a caramel river!' Or 'Tammy is so beautiful I want her to be mine!" Liam joined in. Harry pulled his beanie down his face in embarrassment. "Is this true Styles?" I asked pulling his hat off his face. "Yeah..." He said blushing massively. "Awh!!!" I said giving him a kiss on the cheek. We went to lunch and Harry and I started a food fight and we ended up going home covered in food. He walked me to my door "Thank you so much Hazz for the ride, forgiving me-" I said but he cut me off by kissing me. "For the kiss." I added and giggled. "Anytime babe. Good night" He said giving me a kiss on the cheek. I walked in the house and Louis had his hand on his hip looking sassy. "I told you to stay away from him!" Louis said angrily. "Louis he slept on the doorstep last night! He forgave me for rudely rejecting him! I ignored him for almost a year! NOW I'm dating him so don't you dare even try to spit us up he's not who you think he is OKAY?! I yelled to him running up into my room. I locked the door and buried my face in my pillow for about an hour. I heard something from the window. Typical boys, It was Harry throwing rocks at the window!

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