Tommo Twins

Louis and Tammy are twins always together. Ever since they were 4 their mom gave them the nick-name of Tommo Twins. They were both EXACTLY the same. They would run around the house in super hero outfits when they were little. Now Louis and Tammy are in grade 9 together they don't see each other much but when they do they enjoy their time together.


18. Chapter 18

A tear slid down his face. "You're still wearing the necklace." He noticed. "I'd never take it off, it means a lot to me." I love him too much to let go. "I love you too." He said. I blushed realizing that I said it out loud. I wiped his tears away and gave him a weak smile. He smiled back and hugged me. Paul came running toward us with an angry look on his face. "What the hell is wrong with you! There is a concert going on, get your ass on stage now!" He yelled in Niall's face. Niall grabbed my hand and together we went back onto stage. The boys looked worried and surprised. I got a guitar and started strumming to One Thing. At the end of the song Niall knelt right in front of me and pulled out a ring. I gasped. "Tammy Tomlinson. Will you marry me?" He asked. My jaw dropped speechless I tried to say yes. "Niall.. I ..

Cliffhanger!!!! Sorry for the short chapter I'm still grounded until March 24 or sometime around then♥♥



I've got a question. What does it mean when a guy is worried about who your mates are? Cause my crush asked my why I hang out with my crazy fun mate, I want  to yell in his face for not liking my friend but if I do.. I get the feeling that he'll avoid me :-/ Please comment advice.

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