Who says love cant happen

Well this story is about a girl named shophia and her best friend since she was one went to the x factor and now came back to stay with her for a year.


2. Unexcpected things

i walked into the tv room and put in the last song and was watching that till i heard a knock on the door i went to open the door and i saw no other then izaac my abusive ex he was standing there with his new girlfriend cassey. What are you doing here izaac why wount you leave me alone you have cassey now pleasse go i knew he could tell i was shakeing i felt like i was gonna pass out. i started to fall backwards and everything went black i heard someone scream call 911 and then i felt someone pick me up.

Liams prov

I got there right as sophia fell i ran up to her and screamed someone call 911 i picked her up and put her in my car. as i closed the door i saw izaac and i went and punched him in the face.Sophia has been though alot when she was with him and i didnt want that to happen again. i got back in the car and drove to the hospitle i picked her up and went in and said someone help she fell backwards and hit her head. the medical people took her from me and went back to do opservations to make sure shes okay.


is anyone here for Sophia Carter the nurse asked we are me and my band mates said shes ready to go home now she went back to get her. When she came out i ran and gave  her a hug she huged me back and all i could feel was my heart beating.

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